Why Crypto Gambling Livestreams Are Being Banned From Twitch

Author: Live Casino Direct
Why Crypto Gambling Livestreams Are Being Banned From Twitch
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Twitch has banned all streaming sites that involve crypto gambling. They will make a policy update on October 18th to prohibit streaming of gambling sites. The ban will include Stake.com and Rollbit. com, Duelbits.Com and Roobet.

Twitch is an online platform owned by Amazon with over 30 million users. It provides activities such as chatting and engaging in FPS and MOBA games. 6.4% of the top recorded traffic streamers had slots for crypto or marketed partnership from crypto gambling websites and Bitcoin casinos.

Abraham Sliker is a popular gamer on Twitch. He is in debt because of gambling. His friends and colleagues warned him against it. He owes more than $200k to his creditors. Some popular Twitch users are coordinating to compensate fans whom Slikers harmed financially. The problem started when he was an employee. It's been solved by the Twitch community.

Some live streamers threatened to leave Twitch if gambling was not regulated. Devinnash left the platform because of gambling.

Twitch is banning crypto gambling activities starting on October 18th. Sports betting, fantasy and poker websites will continue operations adhering to community guidelines. Twitch should also address the use of loot boxes in popular games like FIFA.  Asmongold has already spoken about that.