Which Famous Canadian Casinos Are Popular for High Win Rates

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Which Famous Canadian Casinos Are Popular for High Win Rates

Technological advancements allowed players to enjoy this phenomenon of a game whenever and wherever they wanted. Numerous sites have emerged and offer players a chance to test their skills in the game that everyone knows and loves. The best blackjack casino sites Canada has to offer are there to be found, and the only question is how to separate them from the others. The answer lies in player’s; preferences. Some casinos may be awesome in general, but they are not the right ones for you. Bonuses, types of games, and payment methods are just some of the decisive factors, but today we want to talk about win rates.

Canadian Online Blackjack Casinos Grow in Both Popularity and Importance

As the gambling industry skyrocketed in almost every important category, analysts started to do their research on this phenomenon. The reason for that huge success was found in the widespread mobile gambling platforms. They were easy to access and enjoyable for the players and their success was inevitable. However, the research showed that success is assured by the casino classic games everyone loves, such as poker, roulette, slots, and of course, our favorite – blackjack.

Blackjack is represented as a very classy and fun game in numerous movies and books, and it is no surprise that everyone wants to try it. If you wonder where, you can find prominent blackjack sites on bestonlineblackjack.com and see what all the fuss is about. These sites are growing in importance as the best online blackjack casinos contribute enormously to the Canadian economy. The taxation of the income helps the government to better other things in the country.

What Are High Win Rates?

Blackjack is a game in which numbers play a huge part. Strategies revolve around them, but they are  also important in choosing the game itself. Different games offer different chances to players for a win. Every game at online casinos has its Return to Player value or RTP. This is a numerical representation of players’; chances to win money at a certain game. This is an important fact and players are doing their homework in the research of the best blackjack games around. There is little space for players to have an advantage over the best blackjack sites Canada has to offer, and they have to take every opportunity to win.

Return to Player is frequently shown in a percentage value and it represents the average amount of funds that the game pays back to players over time. If you play long enough, but without any guarantees, you can expect to win. In plain words, if the RTP value is 80 percent, it means that for every 100 USD, the game will pay back 80 USD over time. The remaining 20 USD represents the so called House Edge. It is the exact opposite of RTP and represents the amount of money casinos keep for themselves. So, which are the best online blackjack sites Canada has to offer with high win rates?

Mega Slot

The top recommendation for the best blackjack site Canada offers with high win rates is the Mega Slot. This is a casino that has it all. Numerous payment methods, customer support, and established  cooperation with renowned software development companies that create the best blackjack games around. There is also an option to play blackjack in live dealer games, and an amazing brand-new application for players. They are licensed and regulated, making it a safe option for players, leaving them only with a decision of which music album to play in the background while they enjoy their game. This is our top recommendation for you.


This site offers a wide selection of games for gamblers, making it difficult for them to start playing since the choice is amazing. There are bonuses that bettors can use to their advantage while playing blackjack games with high win rates. They are licensed by Curacao, and they amaze their customers with so many payment methods available to them. No matter if you like the conventional way of paying with Mastercard or Visa, or you like e-wallets. Lately, players have turned their attention to crypto payments, as they offer anonymity, lower fees, and faster transactions. Even cryptocurrencies are supported by Casombie in their intention to bring you the best possible blackjack games around.

N1 Casino

Players love this place and there are reasons for their devotion to N1 Casino. They have not been in business for a long time, since the site was established back in 2018, just five years ago. But one decision they made contributed to this site's reputation. N1 Casino is presenting only the games of renowned software companies, that have been present in the iGaming business for a long period.

Their work is amazing, and their products are frequently played by gamblers. But this collaboration allowed them to have a unique offer, live dealer blackjack games. To explain it better, live dealer games represent the chance for players to play against a real human dealer. And by the reviews of the player’s satisfaction, it seems they love it more than playing against the Random Number Generator, or RNG algorithm.


Blackjack has always been one of the most talked about casino games ever. So many great movies showed us Hollywood stars in their pursuit of the magical sum of 21 and a win against the dealer. Earning huge amounts of money in the process. To feel just like that, the players need to educate themselves on the Return to Player values of specific games. It is 2023, everything is on the internet now, it would be unwise not to have this information to ourselves as it can prove to be vital in playing our favorite casino game ever.