Which countries in the world gamble the most?

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Since gambling first appeared in the world, more and more people became interested in it. This is not surprising at all, since people always wanted to compete to see who can predict the outcome of a certain event the most accurately, and with time, people started putting money or other goods down for their guesses. With the gambling industry now tremendously developed, online pokies are available in literally any country. But, which countries gamble the most? In our article, you will be able to find answers to that question. 

10 Countries with the highest Gambling Rate

In the list below, you will see the top 10 countries that have the highest gambling rate.


Brazil is a country that has the highest gambling rate in the whole world. In Brazil, every fourth person is gambling or has at least tried to gamble once. Such a situation is explained by the fact that Brazil has one of the best football-playing teams in the whole world, and people want to cheer for their country, but when there are no tournaments, people tend to play various casino games to win money and get rid of boredom.


Another country where gambling is extremely popular is Canada. More than 75per cent of Canadian people are gambling at various online casinos these days. However, you may think that most of these people are inexperienced, but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Most Canadian players of online casinos are actually spending a lot of time perfecting their skills and learning new tactics for winning more money at pokies.


Unlike in other countries, at first, Italians were really hesitant to try out gambling. The reason behind that is extremely simple – it was illegal for a very long time. Gambling did not bring anything good to the government or the society, and people who tried gambling were really disliked. But today, the situation is different, as gambling in Italy is legal now, and a lot of people are doing it.


It’s no secret that Spanish people are people who enjoy going out and visiting various parties. And as strange as it may sound, that hospitality is exactly why gambling was allowed in Spain. Now, gambling is legal in Spain for over 10 years, and people find that not only profitable, but also a great way to have fun and get new friends.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, gambling is allowed and is popular, however, since the country is a country is strict adherence to the rules, in the UK, the UKGC, or the United Kingdom Gambling Commision, operates in order to guarantee that people do not become addicted to gambling online.


Just like in Brazil, in the USA, most of the nation is gambling online. After all, USA is the hometown of gambling, and the biggest casinos of the world are located in the US. In different states, there are different situations when it comes to gambling, but overall, gambling in the US is extremely popular.


Germany is Europe’s biggest country, and because of its incredible economic system, people can afford to play online pokie games and not worry about their funds that much. Also because of that, the chance of becoming addicted to gambling in Germany is extremely low, which is yet another reason why gambling in Germany is popular.


France is a hometown to some of online casinos’ games, such as Blackjack or Roulettes. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that French people are fond of gambling online. However, even though these games were invented in France, the people of the country actually prefer to play other games like Poker or Slots.


In India, both gambling AND betting is popular. This is because Indian people have one of the best cricket teams in the world, and these teams show incredible level of play. Because of that, people of India are feeling proud for their teams, and are willing to bet their money on them. But, when there is no games in the season, people spend their time at online pokies, because they are accessible, legal and fun.


The country that we would like to end our list on is, of course, Australia. Previously, gambling in Australia was illegal, but many people wanted to try gambling out. The debates about gambling legalization in Australia were going for a really long time, and luckily, right now, gambling in Australia is legal. Because of that, people can finally fulfill their wishes and desires and try out various online pokies to play at and win money.

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