Tom Dwan Loses $1.1M Bad Beat During Hustler Casino Live Milly Game

Tom Dwan Loses $1.1M Bad Beat During Hustler Casino Live Milly Game
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tuned in Tuesday night to watch Tom Dwan run into a seven-figure bad beat during the first night of the Hustler Casino LiveMillion Dollar Game.

Seven players showed up at Hustler Casino in Los Angeles with $1 million in cash to play some no-limit Texas hold'em at $500/$1,000 ($2,000 big bind ante) stakes.

It took exactly one hand for the first juicy hand to transpire. On a board of K810AA, Action Dan bet $33,000 with QJ for the nut straight. But he'd fold after a raise to $105,000 and it was a wise decision because Hook rivered a full house with A10. While that hand was entertaining, the following hand involving a former Full Tilt Poker pro has been the biggest and sickest on Day 1 of the Million Dollar Game.

Dwan Put in a Brutal Spot

Dwan began the session slow and was down around $400,000 before mounting a bit of a comeback. He pulled off a couple of bluffs to win decent sized pots, bringing his deficit closer to $200,000, and he was clearly on the right track back to his $1 million starting stack. Well, he was until he ran into an unfortunate turn card.

The hand began with Peter, the under-the-gun player with 1010, raising to $4,000. Steve, in the cutoff with AJ, called, and so did Dwan, who was on the button with 94. Hook then came along for the ride in the big blind with 75 to see a flop of 446, and all four players had a piece.

After Hook checked his open-ended straight draw, Peter bet $8,000 with an over pair. Steve wasn't going anywhere with the nut flush draw, but Dwan made a huge raise to $36,000 with trips. That convinced Hook to fold, but the two other players wanted to see the turn, which was the 10, an especially cruel card for Dwan as it gave Peter a full house.

Action, however, checked to Dwan, who had no reason at that point to believe trips was no good. So, he bet out $76,000. Peter opted to play his second nuts hand slow and just call, while the player with the nut flush draw mucked his cards. The 2 on the river wasn't a scare card, and Peter checked his full house to "durrrr," who bet $167,000.

A clear decision to check-raise was in store for Peter. The only question was how much of a raise. Dwan had $465,000 behind, but Peter opted to raise the bet to $425,000, a smaller size than most watching expected. After tanking for quite some time, Dwan couldn't find a fold and called off the $258,000 only to find out the bad news that he'd suffered a bad beat in a $1,129,000 pot.

The bad beat differs greatly from Dwan's appearance in the Million Dollar Game last year where he won a $3.1 million hand against "Wes Side" Wesley Fei, the largest pot in livestream poker history.

At the time of publishing, Dwan was down about $800,000. The stream, which began at 3 p.m. PT, will continue for at least a few more hours. Hustler Casino Live will host three additional days of $1 million buy-in cash games May 29-31.