Is This Casino Game Worth Your Time?

Is This Casino Game Worth Your Time?

Wild Hold’em Fold‘em is a table game that started entering Las Vegas casinos in the early 2000s. It has since become more popular and offers huge payouts for hands like a natural royal flush and four deuces. Wild Hold'em has a 6.86% house edge, which makes it one of the worst-paying table games.

Wild Hold’em Fold‘em is a card game with wild cards. The objective is to form qualifying hands.

Natural Royal Flush is the most valuable hand in Wild Hold’em. It offers the fourth highest payout among the bunch. The game is a unique table game in that it provides the chance to get five of a kinds.

Wild Hold’em Fold‘em is a casino game with a house edge listed at 6.86%. It's a very unfair game as it offers a return to player of 93.14%.

Wild Hold’em Fold‘em has a 6.86% house edge compared to Blackjack, Baccarat, French Roulette, Craps, Three-Card Poker, Heads-Up Hold'em, Casino War, European Roulettes, Sic Bo, Pai Gow Poker and Big Six are at the bottom.

The house edge for Wild Hold’em Fold‘em is less than half of the listed 6.86% house advantage.

Wild Hold’em Fold‘em is a game with a 3.23% house edge. You need to know proper strategy to play optimally.

When holding three and four cards, you need to know which hands to bet with or fold.

Is this Casino Game Worth Your Time?

Wild Hold’em Fold‘em has a respectable 3.23% house edge. It provides interesting mixture of strategy and big payouts. However, it's not the best-paying game out there. It's unimpressive when considering that blackjack can feature a 0.3% House Advantage. The game is interesting if you're tired of Texas Hold'em or other house-banked games like Caribbean Stud and Three-Card Poker.

Wild Hold’em Fold‘em offers a 3.23% house advantage. It's listed 6.86% edge does not provide all the information. However, it offers large payouts and is different from other poker variations.

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