The Bond Between Rock Music and Online Casinos

The Bond Between Rock Music and Online Casinos
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Rock Music as an Inspiration for Online Casino Players 

Jackpots, high stakes, focus, and tension are the words that describe gambling. Nowadays, placing your wagers from the comfort of your home thanks to online casinos brings another dimension to gambling. Since the competition in the online gambling world is constantly increasing, platforms need to provide creative games to attract as many customers as possible. They provide players with different kinds of games, and software developers find inspiration in various areas. Music is an endless source of ideas for casino games and is also an integral part of the gambling experience. In this article, we will explore how rock music can inspire online casino players in their quest to win a big prize.

Rock music and casino games 

Rock music and casinos are connected more than you can imagine. That connection keeps growing thanks to the online casino industry. We have already mentioned that many game developers find rock music as a source of inspiration. You can check some of the best Canadian online casinos listed at which include games with rock music as the main theme. 

Perhaps online slots are the best way to introduce this kind of music to the casino games world. There are thousands of titles of themed slot games in the market, covering different areas, such as Sci-Fi, movies, history, adventure, sports, and, of course, music. The relationship between rock music and gambling started to flourish thanks to online casinos. Nowadays, players can enjoy slot games that are created around their favorite rock artists and bands.

The most popular rock-themed online slots

Rock fans who also love gambling will definitely enjoy the Guns N' Roses slot game. This online slot features band members as valuable symbols, while players can listen to the most popular songs of this famous ban in the background. Hits like Sweet Child O' Mine, Patience, and Don't Cry will add an extra dimension to your gaming experience. 

Motorhead is another slot game inspired by rock music. This iconic English band led by Lemmy Kilmister is among the most influential rock bands. The Motorhead online slot game has standard gameplay, and the symbols display the band members. Also, players can enjoy the most popular Motorhead songs in the background. 

Elvis Lives, KISS, Jimi Hendrix, House of Doom, and Sabaton are other popular slot games featuring famous rock bands and artists. They include images of your favorite rock stars, band logos, or guitars as winning symbols. Of course, the biggest hits are there to fulfill the gameplay experience. On the other hand, you shouldn't neglect the Return To Player percentages that are pretty high at some rock-themed online slots. For example, the Guns N' Roses online slot has a 96.98% RTP, which is a very good percentage for a slot game.

Casino Rock songs that can inspire players

Casinos are an inspiration to songwriters the same way rock music inspires game developers. Gambling references are quite common in rock songs, which deepens the connection between these two. Motorhead's Ace of Spades is one of the classic rock songs that involves gambling as a theme. Although Lemmy Kilmister was a big fan of slot machines, the song mentions cards being dealt. This hit was released in 1980.
Iron Maiden also has a song - The Angel and the Gambler – that refers to gambling in several aspects. If you listen to Diamond Jack by Wishbone Ash, you will find many gambling metaphors. A singer is involved in a high-stakes card game, and he gets the ace of hearts. The song also mentions dice, so there are several casino games in the song. Keep these songs in mind when spinning the reels or trying your luck in table games, and they can enhance your playing experience. You should definitely add them to your playlist when playing online casino games.

Rock music in land-based casinos

Another aspect of the connection between gambling and rock music is land-based casinos. No brick-and-mortar casino does not have background music playing. No matter how crowded it is, you will definitely hear it. Rock stars have dominated stages in Las Vegas, the world's gambling capital. Sin City has served as the biggest platform for the most famous rock bands. Las Vegas also features the most luxurious hotels and casinos in the world, and it is not strange why rock bands developed a connection with this city.
Elvis Presley was the first star who brought rock music to casinos. He performed in Las Vegas over 600 times, and the King of Rock also became a landmark of Sin City. The trend of rock bands and artists performing in Las Vegas continues to this date. Some bands have specific contracts with hotels in Sin City to perform on a regular basis. The Rolling Stones and The Killers, who also have several casino-themed songs, are among them.

Famous Rockstars that love to gamble

A wide audience enjoys casino games, and rock stars are not immune to their charms. Some of them played in professional poker tournaments around the world, like Scott Ian, the co-founder of Anthrax. We have already mentioned that Lemmy Kilmister was a huge fan of gambling, especially video slots. 

Salvatore "Sully" Erna has gathered many people in concerts, but apart from his talent for music, he was also an avid poker player. His tattoo also describes his devotion to poker, including four burning Aces. Ace Frehley, aka the Spaceman, was The KISS lead guitarist and a crucial part of the original lineup. He also loves playing poker, which might not be strange since he lives in Las Vegas. He also took part in a celebrity poker tournament in 2016, but he never talked about his casino success. If some of these artists are your favorite rockstars, they might inspire you to play casino games.


The connection between rock music and casinos is very strong and dates several decades ago. It didn't fade with the emerging new technology since rock music inspires many game producers and players. Rock music can enhance your gameplay experience, especially when playing online slots. The integration between this type of music and gambling can only be tighter.