Rock Music and Gambling: The Growing Connection

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Rock Music and Gambling: The Growing Connection
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Music inspires everything in our lives and is ever-present in different cultures throughout the world. Good music can even go beyond the borders of language because it can communicate our thoughts even better than words. Music brings people together!

Music has inspired several forms of gaming as well. Today, when online gambling games are reaching a new height of popularity, operators take inspiration from different genres of music, and hard rock and metal are no exception both in online casinos and brick-and-mortar ones. And that connection only continues to grow. Today we’ll discuss how the connection between gambling and heavy metal music is on the rise.

Themed Casino Games

As we mentioned above, many casino operators take inspiration from rock music. The motives of game developers and operators is to attract more and more people by offering different themed casino online games, especially online slot machines. Different themes of video slot games entice players with distinctive interests.

For instance, you will find slot games inspired by mythical stories, fantasy, movies, TV series, and of course music itself. Even offline slot games take inspiration from several factors, but online casinos have done a better job when it comes to the relation between rock music and gambling. NetEnt, Playtech, WMS, and many gambling software developers have created rock-themed casinos. Some use rock music in their slot games to render an enhanced gaming experience when playing, while others even create games based entirely around popular rock bands and artists.

Motorhead, Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, KISS and Megadeth are just a few notable heavy acts that have inspired their own slot games. Music of those artists is used in the games, and members of the bands often appear as characters. Notable imagery from each band’s catalogue and general aesthetic also appears in the games to give them a more authentic feel.

The Sound of Casinos

When you enter a land-based casino, you hear enticing music playing in the background. This background music reaches every customer’s ears, even in the gaming arena full of people shouting and playing loud slot games. However, casinos leave the center stage for musical artists, and rock artists have dominated those stages for many years, especially in the world’s gambling capital. Las Vegas boasts the most top-class casinos and hotels in the world and has served as a platform for the biggest rock bands in the world for a long time.

One of the most prominent performs who brought rock music to casinos early on was Elvis Presley. The King of Rock appeared in Las Vegas over 600 times. Even present-day rock artists make special appearances on the strip’s casinos. Some bands enter into special contracts to perform in Las Vegas casinos often, with some popular recent examples being The Killers and The Rolling Stones (each also has several gambling-oriented songs).

Popular Rock Music Inspired Online Casino Games

As we mentioned earlier, the gambling industry takes direct inspiration from heavy metal on some of its games. Here are some online slot games that are popular among players for their integration of metal themes:

Motorhead Video Slot: Motorhead are among the most popular and influential rock bands of all time, especially their iconic frontman, Lemmy Kilmister. The English band is an inspiration for a slot game of the same name, and while the basic gameplay is standard for a slot, you’ll see the band performing live in the background with its members used as symbols.

Guns N’ Roses: This slot game is very popular among rock fans who also love gambling. The band’s most popular songs play in the background, and band members are presented in the game as valuable character symbols.

Elvis The King Lives: The popular OG rock artist at land-based casinos has also become an attraction at online casinos. The game tells the story of the King of Rock via different elements in the gameplay.

Rock and metal have an incredible connection with the gambling industry, from performing live at brick-and-mortar casinos to appearing digitally at online casinos via slot games. With the development of technology, we expect to see more integration between metal and gambling in the future.