Slots From World Match: A Closer Look at Online Slot Games
Slots From World Match: A Closer Look at Online Slot Games
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Contrary to popular misconception, online casinos do not create slots. All of them exploit the products of special development companies that produce new machines, maintain them, improve usability, improve functionality, increasing the level of security in terms of preserving personal data of users.

One such company in the international market is World Match. It produces online entertainment in all relevant categories, including slots, software for live poker, roulette and other games. The company does not limit itself thematically.

World Match, as of 2023, supports several hundred slot machines that are located on the sites of several dozen casinos. You can find the software on the top portals. By the way, here you can also play crazy time live casino and win large sums of money.

The corporation was founded in 2000. Based in Italy. The quality and safety of its products are confirmed by international certificates of the gambling industry, including GA and QUINFL. The company offers casino co-operation on the scheme “all-inclusive” – casino with some skill on the cloud platform of the company can create any ordinary person. At the same time in his direct competence will remain only promotion of the casino, attracting customers.

Despite the abundance of thematic and functional classes of machines, the most popular are the company’s slots. They occupy more than 70% of the lineup of World Match offerings.

Still the most popular slot of the company. Its actual version was announced in 2017. Since then, it has hardly changed.

The machine is a classic five-reel slot of the “one-armed Jack” type. Winning combinations are counted on the main horizontal lines. The number of standard symbols in one line – 5. At the same time on each drum there are bonus symbols that activate additional free spins. On the rightmost reel, the letter symbols are replaced by numbers.

Transition to the bonus animation rounds slot does not provide. This is a classic machine, use it simply, and that’s its advantage.

Another classic reel slot. Unlike Banana, has a large dispersion, but you can win on it more. The number of winning lines in the whole grid is 20. The grid field consists of 5 reels and 4 symbols on each of them.

Slot of a more complex level. Transition to additional animated levels is not provided, but the symbols on the drums become her more. The total number of winning lines is about 50 with the norm for this developer in 20-25. At the same time on the drums there are both images that activate accrued free spins (up to 100), and the so-called wilds, symbols that activate the multiplier on the winnings. Interestingly, they are located on different reels, that is theoretically fall out in the line can be two multipliers and more.

The slot is characterized by low dispersion, but you can win a lot with a lot of luck. Moreover, it is possible to win the jackpot. There are reports that it was on this machine in 2017, an Italian man was able to win 340 thousand euros.

Another simple slot with a multiplier that is activated when you hit a wild in the line. The multiplier is double. The number of reels is 5. Symbols on the drum is 5. The number of available lines is 25, bets can be made on 1, 5, 12 and 20 lines.

Unlike other machines, the slot is made in the characteristic stylistic design of the 1990s, when the first electronic slot machines appeared. It brings a nostalgic sadness. This is probably why Evolution is so popular.

A classic reel slot with 25 lines, 50 reels and 3 pictures on each of the reels. Three bonus symbols are randomly distributed on the slot grid, the falling out of which in a row provides the player with a transition to the animated bonus level (flash game), in which you need to storm an enemy ship and get additional prizes for it.

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