Slots Based on Video Games

Slots Based on Video Games
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Video games are one of the most lucrative forms of entertainment. Allowing players to escape reality to a fictional world where anything is possible, these games hold massive appeal. This fact is exacerbated by the fact that video games come in many forms—from the casual to those that take hundreds of hours to explore and complete fully.

The video game industry is so popular that its games have regularly spilled into other forms of entertainment. From movies like Uncharted to books based on the Assassin’s Creed series, these spinoffs have generated millions of dollars beyond what the original games raked in. One of the lesser-known spinoffs is slot games.

With the gambling industry experiencing unprecedented growth worldwide, slots are among the most popular ways for players to enjoy the thrill of trying to strike it lucky. For video game fans, several slots among the thousands are based on popular video games. The best of these are listed below.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – Cryptologic Software

Call of Duty is one of the most iconic video game franchises ever. Selling more than 400 million copies of its various iterations as of 2021, the game is a fan favorite, and the online version currently attracts more than 7.4 million players monthly. Spawning many tournaments and even its own league, it is also a popular esports game. 

The slot inspired by the game is also popular and offers the same thrilling theme: all-out war. Featuring outstanding graphics and immersive sounds, the slot has all the symbols you’d expect to see, including grenades, masks, and (of course) guns.

The battle scene that will be familiar to any player acts as a wild and can turn any attack on the reels into massive wins. More lucrative than the scenes of war are the game’s most recognizable symbol, which acts as a scatter and triggers the game’s bonus round—offering free spins and multipliers that take the action to the next level. 

Tomb Raider – Microgaming

From a video game known for its gameplay and (in more recent years) incredible graphics, Tomb Raider has been adapted to the big screen and is a top-rated franchise. It has also been adapted for slot lovers by one of the biggest developers in the industry, Microgaming. 

Although the slot does have a newer version (Tomb Raider II: Secret of the Sword), the original game is a classic thanks to its simple graphics and upbeat soundtrack. Making up for the lackluster graphics by today’s standards, it is also home to a trove of incredible features and bonuses.

Playing alongside Lara Croft herself, the game is filled with symbols but will have you searching for three in particular: Lara, the game’s logo (which acts as a wild), and a special idol. On the other hand, Lara triggers a free spin bonus with a 3X multiplier. Landing three idols grants access to a tomb for a click-and-pick bonus offering treasure you’ll be thrilled to find. 

Resident Evil 6 – Skywind Group

Whether you like the bone-chilling suspense offered by the franchise or the engaging characters you can play as, Resident Evil has been immensely popular since the first iteration of the game was launched in 1996. Released in 2012, Resident Evil 6 is the inspiration for a slot by Skywind Group that offers the same suspense alongside the possibility of big wins.

Offering slots located beneath the image of a city in ruins, the game has wonderfully detailed symbols that anyone familiar with the game will recognize. Among these are healing plants, various weapons, and characters from the game, including Chris, Ada, Jake, and Leon.

Featuring wilds that make any win slightly more worthwhile, the four types of bonuses each character offers make this game something special. Getting an entire reel of any character triggers free spins, which are accompanied by sticky wilds, expanding wilds, or extra wilds—depending on which character lands you the wins.

Ada, however, gives you a unique bonus that will have you testing your skills by cracking a code. Get it right, and your wins might quickly become larger than expected. 

Gates of Olympus – Pragmatic Play

God of War is one of the most iconic series for players who enjoy action-adventure games with a rich, immersive storyline. Selling more than 23 million copies since its release in 2018, the game offers stunning visuals and fluid gameplay. Although the game was in talks to be adapted into a movie, this has not come to light, nor has it inspired any namesake online slots. 

However, for game fans looking for an alternative that will immerse them in a similar world and story, Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play is the perfect option. This slot is home to incredible graphics and fluid animations that transport you directly to ancient Greece and the world of the gods.

Added to the spectacular graphics is unique gameplay that includes multipliers that rain down from above. Land one of these as part of a win, and you score the multiplier. In addition, getting three or more scatters grants you a free spin bonus where you can challenge the gods in a battle to win an amount that could leave you feeling like royalty.

Hitman – Microgaming

Released in 2000, Hitman takes you on missions to remove targets as you operate in the shadows and try to remain unseen. Proving that people love nothing more than the suspense associated with stealthy missions, the game has also spawned two movies and a slot by Microgaming. 

Assassination is the name of the game, with detailed symbols that include a gleaming pistol, a rifle for sniper action, a vial of deadly arsenic, and a blade. Agent 47 also appears and acts as a wild—bringing possible life-changing wins rather than the fade to black usually associated with the character.

There are also three unique bonus rounds. The first, triggered by three laptops, lets you pick and click on various targets and weapons to complete a hit. The second, available by landing the game logo, gains another pick-and-click reward. Finally, three contracts offer free spins with a generous multiplier that just might reward you with a decent payday for all your sly efforts.