Slot Machines inspired by pop and rock stars: A curated list for fun

Author: Live Casino Direct
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7slots casino curated a list of slot machines inspired by pop and rock stars. They are jam-packed with features that satisfy even the most die-hard fans. Some versions incorporate minor game mechanics based on social media elements. You can explore a few such slot games on 7slabs casino.

Guns N’ Roses' online slot game adds 5 Guns N' Roses tracks to the equation. You can choose from any of the 5 tracks available as you travel around the world with the band.

Motörhead slot is set on a live stage with four Motörheads songs playing in the background. The graphics are dark and mysterious, while the animations are sharp and vibrant. Other than the music, the design is unlike anything you've ever seen.

Megadeth's band is depicted as symbols and instruments in the 2012 slot game. Leander Games developed the game, but it is no longer available to play.

Adrian Rew made an installation made of four speakers emitting casino sounds. He recorded the music by taking casino sound recordings from 2013.

2020 marks 50 years since Jimi Hendrix's death. Jim's music is played in the Purple Haze slot machine. GN’R is a harder American rock slot game.

There are slot machines inspired by pop and rock stars that are becoming increasingly popular in the slot machine industry. Some of them have their own fan clubs and fan pages on social media sites.