Six Casino Games Canadians Love to Play

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Although Canada might have a reputation for being one of the politest nations in the world, it offers much more than just friendly faces. It is also home to spectacular scenery, roaring industries, and a love for maple syrup that surpasses everything else.

However, something the country is not so well known for is its love of gambling, which is evident in the fact that Canada has 19.3 million active gamblers. With only 38.78 million residents, this accounts for an impressive percentage (49.8%) of the populace!

But what casino games do Canadian gamblers like to play? Read on as we go over the most popular ones players are drawn to from coast to coast.


With more than an estimated 76,000 physical slot machines in the country, the mighty slot is king in Canada. Add to these the thousands of slots online at, and there are almost too many games to choose from. 

Despite the overwhelming number of games available, Canadians certainly have their favourites. Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck II, Starburst, and Book of Ra are the slots played most often. These offer immersive gameplay, fantastic entertainment, and generous ways to walk away richer. 

More than this, slots are among the simplest casino games to play. Because of this, they are highly attractive to both seasoned and new gamblers. 


Blackjack is known as one of the simplest casino card games. Since it originated in the early 1700s, its popularity grew gradually, and it is now a staple in casinos worldwide. This is no different in Canada, where millions of gamblers play the game regularly. 

Besides being simple to understand and play, blackjack is appealing because it has some of the best winning odds among all casino games. The reward for a few good hands can leave a player smiling all the way to the cashier station. 


Although poker may seem relatively straightforward, considering all you need is a better hand than your opponent, there is much more to the game than that. The art of maintaining your composure, bluffing, and knowing when to fold all play critical roles in determining whether or not you win.

From the challenge of competing in a high-stakes poker game to the thrill of being caught bluffing, Canadian players love every moment of it. The country has even produced some outstanding World Series of Poker champions like Daniel Negreanu.


Roulette is another popular game in Canadian casinos, and considering it also offers great odds, that should not come as a surprise. The game—which comes in three unique flavours, American, French, and European—is a hit in pretty much every gambling house.

While the popularity of roulette is undoubtedly linked to its simplicity and excellent odds, many also believe it is because of its sophistication. Often shown in movies as a gentleman’s game, it is a go-to for many Canadian gamblers who want to win with class. 


Like blackjack, baccarat is one of the most uncomplicated games to play in a casino, though the game varies slightly depending on the variant (punto banco, banque, or chemin). 

Allowing players to choose which outcome to bet on adds an element of thrill to this game and varies the odds of winning. Banker wins have odds of appearing 45.8% of the time, while player wins occur 44.6% of the time. And with ties accounting for 9.6% of all hands dealt, many players are cautious about how they decide to wager. 

Video Poker

The Poker-Matic machine, launched in 1970, was the first ever video poker game available. Since then, the game has grown in popularity and become a staple in most international casinos. It has also become one of the most appealing games among Canadian players. 

Although many game iterations exist, a standard game based on five-card draw poker is the most common. This differs from playing at a table because the game is fully digital and allows players to stay entertained at their own pace without waiting for the dealer or other players to decide how to play their hand. 


Many other casino games are available in Canadian casinos and online, including craps, keno, pai gow, and even bingo. Each of these offers fun, excitement, and a chance at riches. 

However, the games discussed above are the ones that have captured the hearts and chips of countless players across the country. With millions of Canadian gamblers playing them on the regular, they will likely hold their place as the most beloved casino games far into the future.