How online casinos are treated in Canada: players, games and legislation

Author: Live Casino Direct
How online casinos are treated in Canada: players, games and legislation

Gambling enthusiasts are interested in the status of online casinos in Canada. This article explains what the Canadian players can do online, what games are available and what current legislation says.

Online casinos in Canada are legal. Players from Canada can play games in offshore casinos. It's illegal to play unlicensed online gambling platforms from Canadian territory. There are plans to regulate online casinos, but it's not clear what the legislation will state.  

Canadian players can find a diverse selection of games in online casinos. They can play slots, table games, live casino games and bingo and lottery. Poker is also available on digital platforms.   in Canada. It is legal as long as gamblers play them in offshore casinos and it resembles a real-world experience.

The Canadian legislation works on two levels: the Federal law that applies to all Canadian provinces and the Provincial law. The status of gambling in Canada is confusing. Ontario has the strictest regulations, while Alberta has gambling-friendly ones. Canada has a big gambling market size. Better regulation can result in more tax money for the state. The government is working on regulating sports betting activities.

Online casinos are not wholly regulated in Canada. Players can register, claim bonuses and have fun playing on these platforms as long as they're offshore.