SECC orders crackdown on illegal online gambling site

Khmer Times
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The General Secretariat of the Cambodian Commercial Gambling Management Commission (SECC) says it will crackdown on social media coverage of illegal online gambling sponsored by the “PK777” online casino

In a press release on November 13, 2023, the General Secretariat of the Commission for the Management of Commercial Gambling of Cambodia stated that the operation and participation in the above online gambling activities is a violation of the law.

It said that the company faced serious punishment according to the law in force.

The SECC added that illegal gambling has had a serious impact on security and social order and also affected the licensed casino business.

The General Secretariat of the SECC urged the relevant authorities to take immediate action to crack down on the “PK777” online casino.

The General Secretariat of the SECC reminded the public not to commit or play or participate in this illegal gambling, which faces penalties under the law.