Rising Online Gaming Industry in India: Acceptance in J&K

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The culture of gaming was constructed to the west in the past but the growing market and investments in India are building its prominence on the global map. The factors like the increasing popularity of gambling amongst Indian youth, the COVID-19 restrictions, better connectivity, and technological advancements contribute to the rise of the industry in our country. The industry grew exponentially with cutting-edge technologies and with an ecosystem encircling investors, marketers, developers, and designers. The industry ecosystem focuses on the needs, preferences, and convenience of the budding and avid players. The report of KPMG forecasts the rise of the online gaming industry of India with a rate of around 22.1 percent by the year 2023.

Trends shaping Online Gaming Industry in India

Advancing Connectivity

The arrival of 5G will enhance the performance, usability, and acceptance of online gaming sites amongst the Indian population. With better connectivity, the industry will experience a growing community interested in playing games and streaming through their operating devices. The 5G connectivity will ensure the required thrust in improving online gaming accessibility.

Cloud Gaming 

The application of GaaS (Gaming Industry as Gaming as Services), PaaS (Platform-as-Service), and SaaS (Software-as-Service) in cloud gaming will enable the players to seamlessly play without the consideration of mobile or PC configuration. The cloud gaming infrastructure can address larger markets from the implication of 5G connectivity.

Target demographic: Millennials

Millennials are considered to be the main target market of the online gaming industry. The rising rate of young avid players in regions like Jammu and Kashmir reflects the popularity and acceptance of online gambling games such as teen Patti and roulette. Apart from Teen Patti being one of the favorite games, traditionally played in winters, the online Teen Patti cash game is becoming the new trending game amongst the youngsters. The rollout of 4G in J&K after a ban was accepted as a sigh of relief especially in the global pandemic where people indulge themselves in online gambling games as an escape from reality.

Application of Data Analytics 

The rise of the gaming industry cannot be dependent solely on innovative games, with the expanding market and rising competition, online gaming sites need to build an engaging or interactive medium to retain their existing customers. Data analytics allow the companies to frame personalized, consistent, and relevant content for building and maintaining a connection with the players.

Real Money Gaming 

Real Money Gaming or gambling is becoming popular in India with the emergence of numerous online options including fantasy sports, reinvention of traditional card games as well as the rise of skill gaming. Real Money Gaming also renews the popularity of various games in India such as Hockey, Kabaddi, and many more.

Factors Contributing to the Rise 

Pandemic Effect

The restrictions arriving from the COVID-19 pandemic have certainly increased the popularity and participation of the Indian population in online gambling games. The rising traffic in the online gaming industry is attracting both domestic and international investments. The gaming sites are also concentrating on the aspect of responsible gambling for encouraging boundaries in pursuing betting habits.

Young Market 

In India, more than 64 percent of the population is under the age of 45, which indicates an attractive market for the online gaming industry The age group of 25 to 40 denotes the target market for online casino games. Along with being tech-savvy, the population is also becoming much more skilled and knowledgeable regarding the art of gambling.

Online Market

India has one of the largest online markets due to around 624 million users of the Internet. The rising rate of internet users is influencing the number of gambling players as well as also attracts website investors from extended boundaries.

Behavioral and demographic profile in gambling helps advertisers to frame authentic messaging for the potential and existing players. The online gaming industry is also advertised through the medium of entertainment for attracting and engaging more players.

Wrap Up

In India, the entertainment industry, smartphone penetration, technological advancement are mainly influencing the online gaming industry. The ecosystem of the Indian online gaming industry includes esports, live streaming games, and gambling opportunities with the association of national and international players

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