Insights Into Where Indian Online Gaming Is Headed

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Insights Into Where Indian Online Gaming Is Headed

The number of serious gamers in India has increased by 40 per cent. The industry is taking care to provide users with adequate tech. 5G will bring high data speeds and low latency. The 5-G service will make Indian gamers globally competitive. With an increase in adoption of online gaming and 5 G, the price of devices will also come down. will share the insights from the India Gaming Conclave.

The number of online gamers in India is expected to reach 65.7 crore by 2025. The current user base of the Indian online gaming industry is 43.3 crore. Casual gaming segment is estimated to grow from ₹6,020 crore to ⁹16,900 crore, real money games (RMG) growing from ≹4,980 crore to 6,130 crore and online fantasy sports expanding from 2,430 crore - 5,000 crore within the forecast period.

There is a dominant preference for live casino in India's real money gaming scene. Traditional Indian and Asian games are still popular. Roulette games dominate the charts, accounting for 70.1 percent of the turnover and 53 percent the total money bet within the top 30 games. Indian games led by Teen Patti and Andar Bahar generate 13.5 percent in the same group of games as roulette.

The second edition of the India Gaming Conclave was held in August in New Delhi. It attracted more than 150 participants, including industry representatives, analysts, gamers, and influencers. The event discussed the future roadmap of Indian gaming sector. It featured topics such as 5G, Cloud Gaming, Innovations in Smartphones & Devices, India Focused Innovational in Gaming Infrastructure, Gamification and Taking Gaming to the Next Level Thru Investments & Partnerships.