Play Minesweeper and win Big at CryptoGames!

Play Minesweeper and win Big at CryptoGames!

CryptoGames is one of the most successful online casinos. It offers 10 games on its platform to entertain its players. The most popular game is Minesweeper. It brings out old-school puzzle game nostalgia through the new-age gambling essence. In this piece, get to know about the casino’s most unique addition, Minesweper, which is loved by everyone.

CryptoGames has curated its games list with a lot of consideration regarding the expectations of the modern casino dwellers. It is now known for its effortless potential for both new and regular players.

Minesweeper is a classic puzzle video game. The objective of the game is to clear an entire field designed on a rectangular board that contains hidden “mines” or bombs without detonating any of them during the games. In the classic video games, the minefield is cleared with help from clues about the number of neighboring mines located in each field. At CryptoGames, there are no hints or clues.

Minesweeper's design layout is similar to the original version. The field is placed on a game board. There are options to customize the difficulty level of the round and the number of mines a player is choosing to face in the field. Under the minefield, there are functions to set up the bet and change the credits. Auto Bet function allows running multiple bets in one go. More on the use of AutoBet in Minesweepers will be discussed in How to Play the game.

Play Minesweeper on CryptoGames. You can choose whether to play with your crypto fund or rely on Play Money currency. The minimum number of mines to clear in the 5*5 field is 1, the maximum number to challenge is 24. If the players hit a mine, they lose the entire amount they have earned so far and their bet is taken. . For more information on how to start playing MinesWeeper, visit the website.

Play Minesweeper at CryptoGames. Choose the amount you want to bet and the difficulty level. The minimum number of mines to clear in the 5*5 field is 1, the maximum number to challenge is 24. If the players hit a mine, they lose the entire amount they have earned so far and their bet is taken. If players are done clicking on several squares and consider that they've earned a good amount, then they can withdraw all the rewards they'd earned.

Auto Bet function allows players to change the number of bets and the maximum bet size. Before the auto bet runs, players can adjust the fields they pick with a cool “Select Random ‘X’ Fields” function.

The "Random" feature is indicated with a dice logo. It shuffles and randomly picks the fields. When enabled without the Auto Bet, it picks single fields, when enabled with the auto bet, the players can pick the "X" number of fields in one setting.

CryptoGames offers 10 cryptocurrencies for the registered players to use. The casino has an advanced deposits and exchanges system enabled through Onramper and ChangeNow websites. The players choose their preferred coins before the bets are set. By clicking on the Your Account tab, players can find regular deposit, withdrawal, and exchange options to choose from.

CryptoGames gives all players the opportunity to sign up at the casino for free. The players are also allowed to play at casino and explore 9 games with the in-house free currency, Play Money.

CryptoGames offers true-to-theme games for every level of online gamblers. The classic Minesweeper is available in a crypto version. There are also Dice, DiceV2, Lottery, Video Poker, Roulette, Slot, Keno, Blackjack, and Plinko. The games are designed to bring out maximum engagement from the players through its flexible rules and enhances their gambling potential.

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