CryptoGames: Play 9 Games with 10 Different Crypto Currencies

CryptoGames: Play 9 Games with 10 Different Crypto Currencies

Online crypto casinos are on the rise of popularity. Since it is important to maintain high security for online fund transactions, many crypto casino are falling behind in terms of reliability. In this review, we will get a glimpse of one of the leading crypto gambling websites called, CryptoGames.

CryptoGames is an online wagering platform that guarantees a hundred percent entertainment value. It is owned by a Curacao-based company called MuchGaming.BV. The casino is introducing most of the “all-time classic” casino games for players of all skill levels to enjoy.

CryptoGames offers a unique list of games with huge payout scales, reasonable house edges and detailed manuals. They have 10 different cryptocurrencies. They offer a layered identity verification system and super-fast transaction systems.

CryptoGames offers 10 cryptocurrencies for your transaction.

The registration process for basic access to CryptoGames takes only a few minutes. The sign-up method will permit you to play the games using the in-house test currency, PlayMoney, and its rewards bank. To earn actual rewards on wins, you need to complete the registration.

CryptoGames offers 9 games with 10 different crypto currencies. The games are easy to play and have lightweight architecture. Some of the games have their own shortcut keys that you can use at any point of a game.

Dice is a modern game with progressive jackpots and a recently built version (DICEV2) for its players. It is easy to understand and has a low house edge of 1.0%.

CryptoGames has built a 5-reel slot machine for their online casino. The player needs to land any winning combination formed with 5 symbols to win.

CryptoGames offers a selection of games and currencies. Blackjack is one of the most popular games. It offers 1.25% house edge.

Roulette is an adaptation from the European Roulette. It has high-profit payouts.

Video Poker is a game played on a crypto-based network. The objective is to form a winning hand that beats the house dealer's one. You can play the Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, and Tens or better.

Plinko is a classic game that is played on a pegged pyramid. The objective is to make sure your lucky ball reaches a winning slot after you drop it from the top. Plinkos offers an average 1.72% house edge for its players.

CryptoGames offers a new version of the computer puzzle game, Minesweeper. To win the full amount of payout, clear out of all the mines.

Dicev2 is a modernized version of Dice. To win, choose a condition that will land your dice on the green zone of the slider. The more your payout multiplier becomes, the smaller the size of a green area gets.

Lottery is a game that can be played with just a purchase of one or multiple tickets. It comes with no house edges, so if you win, you take all the money.

CryptoGames offers a variety of games and rewards for the players. The players earn 15% of the house edge of every bet placed by the other players they refer. There are progressive jackpots of Roulette and Dice. VIP membership is available for fully registered players and can be earned by participating in monthly challenges.

CryptoGames is a trustworthy online casino. It is one of the few platforms that considers the player's wellbeing. The company has a helpline for gambling addiction. It has policies that regulate safety for every player on its website. They are a futuristic entertainment platform. We recommend them to feed your curiosity.

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