Optimistic outlook for NY online casino legalization amidst Downstate licensing delays

Optimistic outlook for NY online casino legalization amidst Downstate licensing delays

After launching the nation’s first retail sportsbook at Rivers Casino & Resorts in Schenectady and successfully launching NY online sports betting in 2022, New York is continuing its aggressive push into the legal gambling market. These developments have propelled the state-run industry to the top of the rankings across the country. The recent approval of the expediting of three downstate casino licenses is evidence of this strong trend. Having long been a strong advocate for gambling expansion, Senator Joe Addabbo is still determined to see the state’s online casino industry approved.

Despite the gradual pace of the downstate licensing process, which commenced in January, Senator Addabbo remains undeterred. Acknowledging the need for a more expedited approach, he asserts, “We need to move on a more-expedited pace, really, to try to see if we can get a few licenses done.” In the face of concerns regarding potential implications for NY online casino legislation, Senator Addabbo expresses unwavering confidence in the New York State Gaming Commission and Gaming Facility Location Board to propel the process forward.

Governor Kathy Hochul’s green light to expedite downstate casino licenses in April 2022 fueled optimism that the request for applications process could conclude as early as early 2024. Despite a slower-than-expected response to the first set of questions submitted by interested parties, Senator Addabbo anticipates a more expeditious second phase, expressing frustration with the current languor of the process.

While an analyst’s projection suggests downstate licenses might not be awarded until 2025 due to various factors, Senator Addabbo remains steadfast in his belief that this delay will not impede his goal of legalizing online casinos, online lottery, and NY online poker in 2024.

Senator Addabbo emphasizes, “We should continue to build upon these solid revenue-generating opportunities,” underlining the potential for significant financial gains through iGaming and iLottery. He stresses the urgency for New York not to miss out on substantial revenue, especially when neighboring states are capitalizing on these opportunities.

Addressing concerns about the impact of the downstate licensing delay on NY online casino legalization, Senator Addabbo asserts that the two processes run on parallel tracks. He emphasizes that the language in the proposed bill ensures those with a license can obtain an iGaming license as well, reinforcing the symbiotic relationship between the two.

Rejecting the notion of being “handcuffed” by the delay, Senator Addabbo emphasizes New York’s ability to multitask and urges against allowing one gaming issue to monopolize attention to the detriment of others. With a resolute stance, he affirms, “We’re New York State. We can multitask.”

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