OnlineCasinos365 Brings a New Perspective to New Zealand Casino Analysis

OnlineCasinos365 Brings a New Perspective to New Zealand Casino Analysis
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More than one-quarter of the world’s population gambles or has gambled. This meant that at least one in every four people you know has placed at least a wager at some point in their life. So, it’s safe to say that gambling is a popular activity.

New Zealand makes no exception. This activity is just as popular here as it is in the rest of the world. The only problem is that the market here isn’t quite regulated.

This means that casinos from other countries can be accessed from New Zealand. But I see no issue with that, you might say! However, there is one. These casinos might not be legal. So, if you live in New Zealand and want to gamble online, there’s a risk you could get scammed.

But fear not! Some websites can help you. How? They take the time to test online casinos from the entire world and tell you which are safe for you. They also test bonuses and tell you everything worth knowing about them.

Kiwis like to gamble online

Out of the many Kiwis who gamble, around 80% of them prefer to do it online. This is why there’s no surprise that so many online casinos are showing up in New Zealand. Every new casino wants to attract new players, so promotions are a must. As a new player, choosing between bonuses can be hard.

Some casinos might not even be legal, which makes things even more difficult. is where websites like OnlineCasinos365 become useful. They help you find legal casinos and so much more!

You have to choose between free spins and a deposit bonus – which one do you want?

You’ve just created a new account on a legal gambling platform. Now, what happens? Most casinos will now present you with several welcome bonuses. But you’re a new player and have no idea what to pick. Again, there’s no need to worry!

OnlineCasinos365 has got you covered. The website offers you accurate information about bonuses. After you read it, you will be able to make easier and better decisions.

Let’s get back to the bonuses that are available at the casino you’ve just discovered. You have to choose between free spins and a deposit bonus.

Just like the name says, the free spins bonus is a promotion that offers you a number of free spins. You can use them to try slots. While doing that, you can also win real money.

If you aren’t interested in this promo, let’s talk about the deposit bonus. The casino wants you to make a deposit, and, depending on the matching percentage, it will offer you some free funds. Let’s put it like this: the casino features a 100% matching deposit bonus of up to $20. You want to maximize this offer, so you deposit $20. The casino will offer you an additional $20. You now have $40 you can use to play. Sounds great, right?

Things aren’t always that simple, though! Almost all bonuses have these terms and conditions you must read. Why? Because that’s where you learn about the wagering requirements and the cash-out limits.

Find great gambling tips and tricks on OnlineCasinos365

When OnlineCasinos365 was launched in 2023, the main goal was straightforward: to give New Zealand players a chance to understand, compare, and choose the best casino bonus options while knowing the real experience they will encounter. Using a standard set of testing methods and focusing on a team effort, the bonus reviewers check and update lists of bonuses daily, adding about 12 new offers bi-weekly to the database.

Objective casino reviews are our specialty

When we test a new online casino, we usually spend around 3 to 5 days testing and working on it. Thus, you can count on us for an honest casino review.

We play the games and check if the payment methods actually work. We reach out to the customer service team. (We know that other websites don’t do this.) We act as new players and ask them many questions. This way, we see if they can help you when you need assistance.

After we’ve done all that, we start testing the bonuses. We do this because we want to give you as much information about them as possible. We know it’s essential to be safe; thus, we simply want to help you find secure and legal casinos. And what better way to help you than by personally trying the products?

Why we deserve your trust

Our team has been doing this for over seven years, so we can say we are quite experienced at this. Over the years, we reviewed online casinos from the entire world.

Our unique system makes us stand out from other sites. Each casino featured on our website has a rating and a verdict. Also, we don’t just review casinos; we do that for bonuses, too – after we try them, of course.

We teach Kiwis the basics of casino games and much more

Are you a new player and don’t know where to start? OnlineCasino365 has got your back. We have guides and tutorials to learn the basics of many casino games. Our tutorials are fun and easy to understand. We also run a blog where you can find tips to help you enjoy a safe gambling experience.

We want to become your main source of information; thus, we are here to assist you whenever you want to spin those reels.