5 Most Lucrative Online Casino Bonuses for New Players in 2023

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5 Most Lucrative Online Casino Bonuses for New Players in 2023
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Casino bonus offers for new users have proven very effective in attracting more casino players on board over the years. However, these welcome bonus offers come in different types. In this text, we will be taking a broad look at the most typical casino bonuses attainable at the biggest online casino platforms for new players across top online casinos in the world. 

Free Spins

This is one of the best online casino bonuses that’s often offered to new players. The idea behind this bonus is to give players a specific number of free play slots. In most cases, the applicable slots are specified, and for most casinos, this bonus is most practical for the Book of Dead slot. It comes as no surprise that this type of online slots bonus is widely appreciated, given the privilege it gives users to play for real money even with a limited bankroll.

Match Deposit Bonus

This is a unique type of bonus where you are offered a percentage in casino promo as a new user that’s commensurate with the initial deposit amount. OnlineCasinos365 reminds new players that they can get bonuses when they put at least $5 into their gaming account. One common example is a 100% match bonus up to $200 that only needs a $5 minimum amount to activate. 

There are also free spin deals that give players dozens of spins on certain slot machines in exchange for a small deposit. Beginners can use these bonuses to get extra money and spins by making a payment of as little as $5. Then, they can play games with the casino bonus money and have more chances to win. These minimum deposit bonuses are great for new users because they can turn a small deposit into a big bankroll.

No Deposit Bonus

Another welcome bonus that’s widely popular among casinos is no deposit bonus. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is highly attractive, seeing as you don’t need to make any deposit to access it. You most likely need to complete your registration and probably use a bonus code. For players looking to test what a casino offers before investing money, this is probably one of the best welcome bonuses you want to look out for. 

Free Bet

This casino welcome bonus among the popular bonus types is very similar to free spins in the sense that you get a specific amount of free play on games. The only difference is the fact that unlike with free spins where you are tied to using it on slots alone, free bet promo offers can be used on different categories of online games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat.

Referral Bonuses 

While this bonus isn’t specific to new players alone, it is one bonus that can be taken advantage of by new players. This bonus is simply a casino’s way of rewarding you for referring another casino user on board. This new casino user is expected to use your referral code when registering a casino account to make you eligible for the referral bonus.

What are Factors to Consider When Choosing a Welcome Bonus for Online Gambling in 2023?

While it can be tempting to jump on a welcome bonus offer because of how mouthwatering it is, it is important to know there is more about how casino bonuses work. In this section, we will be looking at some of the major factors to consider when choosing these offers.

Wagering requirement 

This is an important metric that tells you how many times you have to rollover the bonus before you can withdraw it. The essence of finding out the rollover requirement of the bonus by studying the terms and conditions cannot be overemphasized. The standard wagering requirement for welcome bonuses and promotions is 40x. As a matter of fact, there are legal online casinos that have lower wagering requirements as low as 10x rollover. The lower the better.

Validity Period

A major red flag is a welcome bonus that has a high watering requirement with a very short validity period. With a short validity period, it becomes hard to fulfill the watering requirement before it expires, thus making you lose out on withdrawal of the bonus entirely. We recommend you go for bonuses who’s stipulated validity period is at least 30 days.

Maximum Withdrawal Limit of the Bonus 

Another factor that should be considered is how high you are allowed to withdraw out of the bonus after fulfilling the wagering requirements. It is important to avoid casino offers whose maximum withdrawal are as low as $100 or its equivalent, as they tend to give you less value than what you could get from the bonus.

Eligible Games

Another criterion you want to consider is the range of eligible games to which you can apply the bonus. In most cases, the casino’s terms and conditions for the bonus offer specify this detail. We recommend you opt for welcome bonus offers that are eligible for a broad range of online casino games. 

The gambling industry is highly competitive

Today, with the competition in the gambling industry, top casinos online are trying to outdo each other by offering pleasurable gaming experience that’s unrivaled to attract new players. One way they go about that is providing mouthwatering welcome bonuses. So far, we have looked at the different types of online casino bonuses attainable and also the common factors to consider before opting for any. In our books, an online casino has the best bonus when the offer meets all the criteria we have pointed above and we recommend you don’t settle for less.