Meet Casino Guru Awards' Social Responsibility Initiative judges

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Meet Casino Guru Awards' Social Responsibility Initiative judges
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The Social Responsibility category of the Casino Guru Awards will recognize the achievements of responsible gambling and problem gambling prevention initiatives. The judges for this category will be external and the company's own team. The professionals that may apply for the category are industry specialists who have completed projects or are currently developing one.

Judges are professionals in the field of social responsibility and responsible gambling. They include Ewa Bakun, CEO of Clarion Gaming, Shelley White, Dan Iliovici, Stephen Aupy, Maris Catania and Jo Abergel. They are responsible for promoting responsible gaming and reducing problem gambling in their respective fields. The judges will review each proposal based on the possibility of a positive impact, intentions, execution, results and more. It is based upon the information provided by the judges.

Ewa Bakun, CEO of Clarion Gaming, introduced and oversaw the growth of the Consumer Protection Zone at ICE London. Sarah Ramanauskas, Auditor for the US National Council on Problem Gambling’s iCAP RG standard, works with gambling operators around the world to ensure their corporate policies stay true to safer gambling. Dan Iliovici, Vice-President of Romanian Gambors' Association and of Responsible Gabbling Association, and Eduards Jakubovs, Head of responsible gambling operations of Betsson Group. Maris Catania, head of research at Kindred, has extensive experience in studying and understanding behavior related to problem gambling and has used her career to advance the industry's collective understanding of problem gaming. Jo Abergel, Founder – Rock Learning, Co-Founder – Ethical G gambling Forum, is committed to bringing positive change in the sector. James Mpiirwe, Senior Consultant Regulatory frameworks, helped establish the National Responsibly Gaming Policy of Uganda.