Las Vegas Horror Stories Go Viral On Reddit
Las Vegas Horror Stories Go Viral On Reddit
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Las Vegas, it turns out, isn't all fun and games for everyone.

As OutKick readers are well aware, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone in this country who loves Las VegasMaybeDana White, but it's definitely debatable.

I truly believe nothing hits better than the first beer once the plane touches down. It's pure ecstasy.

Disturbing Las Vegas stories go viral.

However, there are also dark times in Sin City. I personally can't say I've ever witnessed anything too shocking, but there are plenty of others who definitely have.

A viral Reddit thread recently popped up titled, "What's the saddest thing you've seen in Las Vegas?"

As you'd expect, it's a mix of death, losing more money than people can afford, substance abuse and just about every single thing you can think of in-between.

  • One of my first nights, sitting in a bar enjoying a cocktail. Young attractive lady, in medical garb, sits down across the bar, big smile, happy, greets the bartender by name. Proceeds to stick $20 bill after bill into a machine. Goes from bubbly to miserable in about 20 mins. Valuable lesson learned.
  • The maids and security guards that find the suicide victims in their rooms.
  • As a former casino security guard, the parking garage jumpers are way worse to come across than the hotel room suicides.
  • Tiny kids on Fremont at 3 am. Mom was begging.
  • I was a dealer for 11 years and seeing people totally flush their savings down the drain sucks especially when I know it's serious.
  • I’ve seen people gamble their entire life away. Crying and sobbing that the last bet they made was all they had. One woman owned multiple businesses in NYC and now she’s practically homeless. Had one guy go ape sh*t crying then stood on the chair of the BJ table because he gambled his entire life away. He broke mentally. There are so many stories like this.
  • A confident 4 aces, getting ruined by a straight flush.
  • Naked guy dragging a microwave down the middle of Main Street by the power cord at 3 in the afternoon.
  • A child sleeping in the skeeball game at circus circus with no parents around.
  • The old lady that stuck $100 in a machine and broke even. She stopped me as i passed by asking for help, I tried as best I could to explain to her that was a ATM machine breaking the bill into $20's and not a slot machine.
  • The saddest thing I saw in Las Vegas was during the cyberattack outage that caused all the video gambling machines to stop working. I was walking through a casino floor in the middle of the day and there were STILL people sitting at the machines, staring at the blank screens just waiting for them to light up again. It was as if there was a program crash revealing that none of these people were even real, just NPCs.
  • Multiple people passed out sleeping at strip casino entrances. Flamingo, Caesars. Homeless man peeing into the Bellagio fountain.
  • Years ago, an elderly lady on an oxygen tank and a man who appeared to be her son just arrived on a bus at the El Cortez. The lady immediately sat down at my blackjack table while her son said he would check them into their room. The lady betting $100 a hand immediately lost 10 hands in a row. When the son returned to take her to the room, she told him she had lost all her money and they needed to get back on the bus.
  • My wife and I sold everything years ago and bought an RV. We wanted to see the country, to experience nature, to touch Indians. We made a pitstop in Vegas for the night and stayed in a nice hotel - one last time. In the middle of the night, I woke up and my wife was gone. I found her in the casino, and she had burned though ALL our money. All of it. She was a gambling addict and I didn't even know it. We limped home, sold the RV, and I begged for my job back. Now, we struggle everyday, trying desperately to rebuild a Nest Egg.
  • EMTs trying to help a woman on the casino floor that collapsed while playing slots. The other players at that bank of machines were playing on without ever looking down at her.
  • Dude was in the tank betting high limit blackjack. He went to take a 50k credit card advance to double down. Lost it all and was so irate after. Sad times. Gamble responsibly my friends.
  • Was staying at the Flamingo, went to play roulette, over heard a guy getting screamed at by a woman on a phone. The dude eventually told us he was down 35k, and I guess his wife had no idea.

Honestly, these comments have kind of killed the Vegas vibe we all know and love. What the hell is wrong with people? Who is going to Vegas and having such horrible times? It's supposed to be a city of fun, relaxation, gambling and partying.

Well, it turns out some people simply can't handle Vegas. If anything, this horrifying thread is a reminder that if you can't gamble or drink responsibly, you shouldn't do it at all.

Furthermore, if you're the kind of parent who abandons their children to go gamble, you're a horrible parent, and I won't apologize for saying it.

Having said all that, I won't let this stop me from going in a few months. Granted, I'm not the kind of degenerate who brings kids around or gambles more than I can afford to lose. It's crazy that even needs to be said, but here we are. Have a wild or horrible Las Vegas experience? Let me know at