KingCasinoBonus’ Team Mentions Online Gambling Among the 5 Industries Where Design Marketing Requires Excellence
KingCasinoBonus’ Team Mentions Online Gambling Among the 5 Industries Where Design Marketing Requires Excellence
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We have joined forces with the team of KingCasinoBonus to assess which are the top industries where design marketing stands out from the crowd.

Imagine that every resource put into creating an advert is focused mainly on one central product or service. The result is shared with a large audience, even globally, to promote what is said to be a necessary product or service.

Based on the results of the analysis we conducted with the editorial team of KingCasinoBonus, this article will point out which of the top industries go through the process of creating an excellent campaign. At the same time, we have included campaign examples to show how vital marketing design is.

When it comes to communication and marketing campaigns, a constant evolution of the brand, plus image, ads, and copywriting, is expected and encouraged. Indeed, the healthcare industry couldn’t escape having these expectations on its shoulders.

Since marketing design has become indispensable for the healthcare system, more and more advertisements about health seem to either take a promotional approach or present it soberly and professionally to emphasize the do-or-die situation.

An excellent example of marketing is Man Therapy, a nonprofit project created through the collaboration of many well-known organizations.

This campaign aims to help men identify and understand different traumas, unintegrated adverse events, or other problems. Through therapy, suicidal thoughts or problematic behaviours can be overcome, leading men to healthier mental states.

The advertisement for Man Therapy can be viewed on YouTube, and the 18-month outcome can be read in the organization’s analysis.

Online gambling experts at KingCasinoBonus note that the iGaming industry has become a huge market in terms of users and revenues. For example, the online gambling global market has been set at a value of USD 263.3 billion in 2023. By 2028, it is expected to rise to USD 744 billion.

Although some casinos are sometimes overly promotional in their marketing campaigns, reputable brands must always live up to a high standard of excellence when promoting their services ethically. One way to do that is by attracting customers through online products and services with appealing designs.

A big chunk of those profits comes from the porting of slot machines to the online medium. Experts consider that the ever-evolving graphics of slot games have played a great role in the rising success of the iGaming industry, as gamblers tend to be attracted to games with modern and eye-catching designs.

Among the most aesthetically pleasing slot games are the much-beloved Starburst and Book of Dead, which are often featured on online casinos’ marketing campaigns to attract new customers and retain loyal players.

KingCasinoBonus’ team mentions that although the two games were released to the public years ago, their modern designs have long been celebrated by gamblers, proving how important design marketing is to the industry.

The music industry wants to have it all – a great image, enchanting sound, and gradual self-improvement. Like other industries, the music industry also accentuates rapid development and change.

The internet was the most significant factor influencing how people consumed music from the late 90s to 2024. Its development sparked the need to become trendy and up-to-date with the internet’s whims and a greater demand for music and, more important than before, visual content to accompany it.

One of the most effective campaigns in the last few years is Spotify’s #2020Wrapped, where users could receive a personalized throwback of their music habits that year.

The theme for this attractive feature was meant to celebrate the musicians and podcasters who entertained us through the work-from-home periods. Inside the app, you will receive exciting and entertaining comments from your “most listened” artists.

3 years later, the campaign is still ongoing, generating a great impact within the community of Spotify listeners. Like its 2020 counterpart, #2023Wrapped has also had so much success due to its ironic, funny, and, most importantly, relatable comments. It also had memorable designs that repeated the same trendy shapes or patterns but included unicity.

Remember, if you want to create a successful marketing design campaign, your campaign must:

  • Be memorable;
  • Be Relatable;
  • Be Memorable,

Before you trust our words, further research is kindly recommended!