Jackpot.com Joins Forces with Associated Press as Official Lottery Courier

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In a groundbreaking announcement today, Jackpot.com revealed its partnership with the universally renowned news platform, the Associated Press, as its Official Lottery Courier. Since its establishment in 1846, the Associated Press has prided itself on its impartial and comprehensive news coverage. Reflecting the progression of its diversified news offering, Jackpot.com will now bring lottery results directly and conveniently to the Associated Press audience.

This strategic alliance will reach potential new demographics, significantly expanding Jackpot.com’s consumer base. Designed to target states where Jackpot.com currently has operations, the collaboration will bring live lottery results to the news organization’s dedicated site visitors.

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Currently, Jackpot.com offers an online lottery platform for six states, including Arkansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and Texas. In these states, official local lottery organizations do not offer online tickets, making Jackpot.com’s courier service a valuable resource for residents.

“Collaborating with the Associated Press significantly advances our position in the Cyber lottery sphere,” commented Akshay Khanna, the diligent CEO and co-founder of Jackpot.com. He further expanded on the nature of this partnership, stressing that their goal goes beyond merely selling lottery tickets. Instead, they aim to revolutionize the lottery gaming ecosystem by rendering it more accessible and user-friendly.

Adding complexity to the online lottery industry are Jackpot.com’s main competitors, foremost among them, Jackpocket. Both Jackpot.com and Jackpocket employ couriers in their respective states of operation to purchase tickets physically. They then charge a commission on deposits – Jackpot.com charging 15% and Jackpocket charging 7%. However, winnings and withdrawals do not carry an associated fee, a point popular among their users.

Jackpot.com prides itself on the commitment to maintaining a safe environment for online gamers. The organization has heavily invested in the implementation of responsible gaming measures. As a result, it claimed the iCap Responsible Gambling Accreditation from the National Council on Problem Gambling, making it the sole U.S. business in its field to receive the certificate. This prestigious accreditation speaks to Jackpot.com’s unwavering dedication to player protection.

In a related sector, last month DraftKings completed a significant business move by acquiring Jackpocket for $750 million. It’s speculated that this is an effort by DraftKings to cultivate online lottery consumers into internet casino gamblers and sports bettors, therefore accomplishing cost-effective customer acquisition.

Apart from Jackpot.com and Jackpocket, several other online lottery courier firms roam the landscape. These include Lotto.com, theLotter, and Mido Lotto, all operating in a mostly unregulated digital environment spanning 17 states.

Our coverage concludes on an exciting note, with news that fortune has smiled upon one player from Illinois, who claimed a staggering $552 million Mega Millions jackpot last night. This illustrious win ranks as the ninth largest prize ever claimed in the game’s history.