I stayed in Las Vegas' oldest hotel that cost just $14 A NIGHT, here's what it was like

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I stayed in Las Vegas' oldest hotel that cost just $14 A NIGHT, here's what it was like
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A pair of travel pros have lifted the lid on what Las Vegas' oldest hotel is like, with rock bottom prices and 'delicious' shrimp cocktails being among the selling points. 

YouTube star Jacob Cruikshank and brother Lucas checked into the Golden Gate Casino and Hotel, which dates from 1906 and is located on Sin City's famed Freemont Street. 

Of the hotel's 122 rooms, there are 10 which play on its history, with black-and-white photos of past celebrities lining the walls. 

The website states: 'These rooms welcomed ranchers and railroad men, singers and starlets, mobsters, middle-America vacationers, and honeymooners.' 

Rates at the hotel start from just $14.40 thanks to a summer sale and the Cruikshank brothers said they paid $86 once tax, service charges and the resort fee had been factored in.

When they first arrive at the hotel, the Cruikshanks seem happy with what they find.  

However, Jacob picks up on some funky smells in the lobby. 

He notes in the YouTube video that was posted earlier this month: 'I mean it smells like cigarettes but it doesn't smell bad... it doesn't seem smoky, they have some good ventilation going on.'

After what appears to be a seamless check-in process, the duo venture to their room in the oldest section of the hotel.

Jacob highlights a plaque on the wall which reads: 'This right here is one of the first 10 rooms in all of Las Vegas. 

'Built by rancher John F. Miller, this establishment opened in 1906 and has never closed.' 

Once inside the room, the social media stars give viewers a tour. 

They highlight that for the price, the room is a fair size. 

However, they say that various parts of the room feel a little tired, with a closet 'that smells old' and a bathroom with tiles that 'feel like they're from the 30s.'

Jacob also lets his imagination run wild, and he exclaims: 'One of my first thoughts walking into this room was it reminds me kind of a serial killer.

'I picture like this serial killer character being in that corner.'

Along with the dated aesthetics, the Cruikshanks comment on the loud noise coming from outside.  

They reveal that the woman at the check-in desk 'pulled out an enormous bag of ear plugs' and handed them out, while telling them 'it gets noisy here at night.'

Venturing out to explore other areas of the hotel, the brothers hit the casino and they also visit a restaurant and rooftop bar which is open to guests and part of the neighboring Circa Resort & Casino. 

They explain that stays at the Golden Gate Casino and Hotel come with free glasses of bubbly and Circa's Saginaw's Delicatessen is worth checking out, as it is where Las Vegas's first-ever shrimp cocktail was served.

Jacob explains that the 'delicious' shrimp cocktail was priced at just 50 cents when it first launched, but now it comes in at $13. 

The brothers had three of the seafood creations while staying at the hotel.  

When the siblings finally make their way back to their room at midnight, they say the music is still very loud. 

Jacob says after several hours of tossing and turning: 'It's 5am right now and I think the music is louder than it was all night.'

Lucas agrees, replying: 'It sounds like two songs are playing. It sounds so chaotic, this is the stuff that makes people go insane.'

Summing up their stay at the Golden Gate Casino and Hotel, the brothers say that they wouldn't stay there again as 'it's so loud, you'll basically be in a bad mood your whole vacation.'

However, they point out that the hotel is 'definitely not gross,' 'dirty' or 'so rundown.'