How Tech Integrations Have Changed The Way Online Casino Games Are Played

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From virtual and augmented reality to the use of blockchain, the changes have made the games even more fun and exciting to play. Here are a few of the tech integrations that have a powerful impact on the gaming arena.


Livestreaming is a fusion of live casinos and online gambling. Earlier animation and sounds that are computer-generated were the mainstays. Now the technology has real people or live dealers as in a land-based casino. Using this new tech, players can interact with dealers for real online.

The technology aims to provide a realistic and more social playing atmosphere. It offers the ability to stream live dealer feeds from any part of the world and at any time is a big perk. Players can play with their peers whenever they want to.


Casinos hire dealers and their feed is streamed to players in various locations. So, players get to play their favorite games at any time. Live dealer blackjack online games, for instance, are more popular than conventional formats. Many sites use a special blackjack calculator now. The tool tracks the odds and ascertains fair play.

The random number generators are a useful addition that ensures fair card dealing. Side bets, leaderboards, and chat rooms are features that you can find in online blackjack games. These features help improve the experience. Roulette and poker are other popular types that have changed for the better with the new tech.


Livestreaming in Roulette has many variants including native-speaking, generic, and VIP dealer tables. Innovative game types like Instant, Speed, lightning, and immersive Roulette are present. These have unique features to attract and retain players.

Players can view every wheel spin and ball movement with the multi-camera view. Features like Autoplay, chat, stats, and more ensure an exciting time at the Roulette tables.

The advanced tech used ensures you enjoy the games on all mobile devices. Livestreaming provides you the thrill of playing with other players. They give the choice of picking a real dealer or an automated game.


Livestreaming in poker has given a new lease of life to the game. The technology helps provide an unrivaled poker experience. Videos with high definition are streamed using advanced streaming platforms and networks.

The launch of 5G and other mobile technologies has increased the effect further. Players get to interact via the streaming platform. In a physical casino, you can play only at a single table at any given time. But with video poker games, you can play various games based on your preference from a single window.

Why live streaming is popular

Live streaming offers many perks. It has thus become an integral part of the most popular sites online. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Players get the opportunity to indulge in their favorite titles. They can interact just as in a physical casino.
  • Casino sites can hire dealers from various regions. They can live stream their feed to the players at any given time.
  • The process is not expensive so can be used by many online casinos
  • The sites use automation for streaming, which ensures a consistent gaming experience.
  • Irrespective of the time or location, a player can be certain of enjoying top-notch quality games in high definition.
  • The technology also ensures secure streaming preventing users from hacking attacks.

Other technologies that improve player experience

Virtual and augmented reality technologies have taken the casino experience to new heights. The tech enables players to get a real-life experience. They can become immersed in the game and talk with their fellow players live. Virtual table games and slots are now a staple addition seen on most online sites.

During the pandemic when sporting events could not occur, virtual and augmented reality tech came to players’ rescue. Simulated matches with the technology ensured players had a go at sports like golf, cricket, hockey, and more.

Blockchain technology is another addition that has made transactions secure. With the technology, transparency in the payment process and protection from hacking are ensured.

Further, players can make payments in cryptocurrency. The advantage the payment method provides is its anonymity which is preferred by casino players.

Final thoughts

Technological innovations are aimed at improving existing methods. The casino industry is not an exception. Livestreaming tech is one such addition that provides an interactive and immersive experience.

Further, it enhances the odds and makes the playing environment safer. Since real people are involved instead of computerized tools, the players use mathematical skills to improve the odds. Whether you prefer playing poker, Roulette, or any other game online, the innovations now make your experience a fabulous one.

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