How Can Social Media Learn from Online Casinos?

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Browsing social media is one of the most popular online activities, and it is the reason many people purchase internet-ready devices. However, it seems that the landscape is changing, and the popularity of some of the biggest sites is waning among modern internet users.
The online casino industry, on the other hand, is continuing to boom and expand. Social media could turn to sites in this sector for inspiration about how to keep people engaged.

The Online Casino Model Keeps Players Engaged
Social media sites have always kept people scrolling, with algorithms designed to show users what they want to see. But this method may not be as popular as the library option seen elsewhere in the entertainment industry.
Looking at the online casino betting at Paddy Power, players have a vast selection of games to choose from. They are all organized in an easy-to-view manner, helping people effortlessly zone in on the things they want to play. The games have handy and attractive thumbnails that give players a good idea about what they’ll find when they play them.
This model allows people to quickly move past things they don’t want to see. It also means that if developers can make something stand out well enough, they have a chance of attracting the attention of players. This is arguably a superior layout to what you’d find on a social media site, as it gives users a lot more control over what they see and engage with. They can spend a short amount of time finding something that suits them, click on it, and then start playing.
Social Media as we Know it is Changing
According to a report from Vox, Facebook has lost customers to rivals like TikTok. The social media giant has led the way for many years, but it seems like times are changing and users are in search of something new.
Mark Zuckerberg may have realized this, which is why he plans to evolve the company into the metaverse and alter its landscape entirely. The metaverse will be a virtual reality world in which people can socialize, but they will be able to do so much more on top of that. As noted by Wired, though, there is still so much that is unknown about it.

It seems fair to say that when people enter this VR world, there won’t be any scrolling through timelines. This is where future social media companies could learn from online casinos in how they try to engage people. For example, when you enter the metaverse, you may initially face a home screen where you get to choose the activities that most interest you. This could be presented in a library format like those found at online casinos, where different options appeal to a wide range of people.
Social media isn’t on the decline, but the way it looks will change when VR comes to the fore. At this stage, it may learn some lessons from the online casino sector, where player involvement is one of the top priorities.

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