F1 News: Casino Owners File Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Grand Prix

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F1 News: Casino Owners File Lawsuit Against Las Vegas Grand Prix
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Ellis Island Casino has taken legal action against the organizers of the Las Vegas Grand Prix and Clark County, citing severe business disruptions due to event planning and execution. The lawsuit was filed in Clark County District Court, seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

The casino's operators — a coalition involving three linked companies — argue that the way event organizers and county officials managed the Grand Prix infrastructure for the inaugural event in 2023 severely impacted their operations.

The lawsuit, obtained by KSNV-TV, reads:

"Plaintiffs' reasonable and justified business expectations were substantially interfered with, compromised, and adversely impacted as a result of the acts and omissions of F1 and Clark County.

“Between June and September 2023, F1 and its agents inconsistently timed their road paving schedules, leading to road closures on a daily basis with no notice to Plaintiffs.

“Plaintiffs were forced to pay for road flaggers to work between 12 and 14 hours a day to minimize (if not prevent) the resulting traffic build-up from blocking entrances to Ellis Island.”

Detailed in the complaint are instances of how the Grand Prix team managed road closures and communication, which, according to the lawsuit, were inconsistent and significantly disruptive.

The lawsuit pinpoints the adverse effects experienced during the “hot track testing” period in November when Ellis Island’s access was completely restricted at times, forcibly isolating it from customers, employees, and vendors.

In response, Ellis Island is not only looking for restitution for the alleged mishaps but also seeking punitive damages. Clark County has not made any comments at this stage.