DashTickets: Your backstage ticket to New Zealand’s online gambling scene

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DashTickets: Your backstage ticket to New Zealand’s online gambling scene
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One in seven winners of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is a New Zealander, which just goes to show how much appetite and skill New Zealanders have when it comes to online gambling.

While almost two-thirds of New Zealand adults engage in at least one form of gambling and around 13% participate in online gambling, only 2% choose to do so on overseas sites, preferring to avoid the unknown. The thriving New Zealand gambling scene is rapidly expanding to overseas websites as players now have the ultimate insider website to guide them through the hundreds of casinos and thousands of games.

DashTickets is no ordinary casino review platform that simply copies content that is freely available on the Internet. Instead, it produces its own content and forms its own opinions which later resonate through the New Zealand gambling landscape. DashTickets is the online equivalent of a paperback magazine, designed for gamblers - and which readers can access at any time.

The team behind the DashTickets website, led by Editor-in-Chief Mark Dash, emphasises integrity, journalistic freedom, an analytical approach and unbiased reviews that tell the story as it reveals itself to the reviewer. In other words, DashTickets is your mystery shopper who bravely joins an online casino and describes their experience in detail. In this way, the team works tirelessly to open up the New Zealand gambling scene to quality casinos while closing the doors to casinos that don't treat the players well.

Mark Dash, the founder of the website and the leader of the team, had this to say about why New Zealanders should visit his online magazine.

"At DashTickets we do not just look through the window, we step inside. Our reviewers become players – they deposit real money, contact customer service, claim bonuses and spin the reels. Why? Because we believe that the only way to understand the heartbeat of a casino is through first-hand experience. We do not just read the terms and conditions, we dive into them with our own money, and report our findings."

It is believed that up to five percent of all online casinos could be involved in shady or even rogue behaviour. Some are out to get you, and it is imperative that a player avoids these casinos and only plays at the best casinos.

As there is no gambling regulator in New Zealand to protect the nearly 3 million adults when they want to gamble online, independent websites such as DashTickets have to act as an informal gambling regulator to scrutinise operators.

Mark was kind enough to give us an insight into how DashTickets typically approaches casino reviews and what the key factors are that the reviewers look for.

  • Test how well does the casino pay: Casinos use many tricks to pay out less to players, such as leaving out games that are known to pay well, not including jackpot games and setting pokies to a lower payout level. The DashTickets team tests the games in the casino to see if they pay out as they should.
  • Test the payment process: Another way for a casino to make more money is to make the payment system slow so that the player changes their mind and keeps playing. Some casinos even refuse payments on the grounds that they violate the terms and conditions. DashTickets reads the terms and conditions, contacts customer service and has the winnings paid out to see how smooth the process was.
  • Talk to the players: Players as a group know very well whether a casino is good or not. It is therefore essential to communicate with other players and talk to them about their own experiences with a particular casino.

Mark revealed that his mission is to rise up and make his gambling centre a top 3 destination for New Zealand players. With its user-centric approach, innovative features and commitment to excellence, we are confident that DashTickets will soon be a household name.

About DashTickets: DashTickets is New Zealand’s leading online gambling platform, providing players with expert insights, casino reviews and a wealth of services. The mission is simple: to empower players with knowledge and elevate their gaming experience. Visit DashTickets today and join the revolution.

Disclaimer: DashTickets encourages responsible gambling. Players must be 18 years or older. Gambling should be enjoyed as entertainment, not as a means of financial gain. For help visit https://www.gamcare.org.uk/.