Dad wins £54,000 jackpot at casino betting on blackjack

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Dad wins £54,000 jackpot at casino betting on blackjack
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A 35-year-old construction worker has built-up a small fortune after winning a £54,000 jackpot on the house at Grosvenor Casino. Deivis Karklins, who is a dad of two to an eight-year-old son and three-year-old daughter, came out on top playing the Blackjack side bet game, Ace King Progressive.

Each player has the chance to add a side bet to each Blackjack game, offering them the chance to win a progressive jackpot. It is rolled over until someone wins.

To win from a £1 chip, both player and dealer must draw a Blackjack match by both holding the Ace and King of the same suit. Having recently moved to the UK from Latvia, Deivis enjoys visiting the casino each month with friends and now plans to treat his nearest and dearest with his winnings as well as splashing out on a luxury new car for himself.

Deivis said: “When the dealer told me that I'd played an ace and won, it took a moment for my brain to register what that meant. I spent a couple of minutes unaware and in disbelief, but my friends were all jumping up and down around me with excitement.

"It was such an amazing moment. I've already used some of the winnings. I’ve bought toys for my two kids and plan to get the new BMW 5 Series for myself.”

Steve Longstaff, General Manager at Grosvenor Casino, said: “A massive congratulations to Deivis from myself and everyone here at Grosvenor Casino Aberdeen. It was a great moment to witness and we could see the pure shock on Deivis’s face when the ace was played. We look forward to seeing Deivis visit the casino in his brand-new car soon.”