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CryptoGames -Best Bitcoin Gambling Experience
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Have you ever thought about enjoying the fancy feeling of a casino from the comfort of your home? Or maybe trying your luck to win big prizes? If this sounds interesting to you, then this review is for you. But if you haven’t thought about it yet, keep reading, and maybe we can change your mind.

In 2020, there was a big health crisis that pushed all of entertainment to focus more on online options, and casinos were included in this big shift. The combination of online sites and digital money has really helped the casino business do well. Now, the internet is full of online casinos from all over the place.

How do you choose the best one?

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you find an online casino that meets your needs perfectly, without any downsides. Let us introduce you to a leader in online casinos: CryptoGames.

CryptoGames is managed by MuchGaming B.V. and is based in Curacao. It is run by a team of experts, making it a top choice for gamblers worldwide. It stands out for its high-quality service, easy-to-use website that works on many devices, and a wide variety of games. We’ve taken our time to check all of this carefully, and now we’re ready to tell you what we’ve found!

A Perfect Collection of Games:

It’s a big challenge to match the excitement of a real-life casino online, but CryptoGames is really trying hard to meet that challenge. They offer a well-chosen set of ten classic casino games, all updated to suit modern players’ tastes.

CryptoGames stands out because it offers lower house edges than many other online casinos, creating a fairer gaming environment for everyone. They are committed to fair and clear gaming results. With these lower house edges and fair rules, you can trust that your gaming experience will be honest and transparent every step of the way.


At CryptoGames, the first game they offer is Dice. It looks like the classic game, but with a twist for digital and cryptocurrency users. The game lets you guess a number from 0.000 to 99.999, and you win if the dice roll lands on a number that’s either higher or lower than the one you chose, depending on what you predicted. If you’re right, you win the payout shown; if not, you lose your bet. Dice has a 1% house edge and offers the chance to win up to 3 BTC and possibly a progressive jackpot too.


CryptoGames also offers a simple version of the classic Slot Machine, which is very user-friendly and perfect for beginners. You win by lining up a 7 or getting at least four of the same symbols in a row. You can find the details of how much you can win in the Rewards section. The Slot game has a 1.97% house edge and the top prize is also 3 BTC.


For those who love the feel of a real casino, CryptoGames has Blackjack. It’s a traditional card game where you play against the dealer and try to get a hand closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without going over. You’ll need to think about whether to take another card, stick with what you have, double your bet, split your hand into two, or give up your hand. The house edge for Blackjack is 1.253%, making it an attractive game to play.


CryptoGames offers a modern version of the lottery game called Lotto. You can join their weekly drawing every Monday by buying tickets with 10 DOGE coins each. The draw is done using a third-party app called RandomPicker to make sure it’s fair. Since luck is the most important part in Lotto, there’s no house edge, which means all the winnings go straight to the players.


Roulette, which means “little wheel” in French, is a popular casino game. CryptoGames has the “European Roulette” version, which is played on a wheel with 37 numbers and one zero. Players bet by placing chips on a mat to guess the number that will come up. After the wheel is spun and the ball lands on a number, winners are paid out according to the game’s rules. The game seems simple but has a lot of strategies for serious players.

Video Poker:

For those who like to think and plan, Video Poker at CryptoGames is a great choice. You start by betting and then you get five cards. You decide which cards to keep and which to draw again to make the best hand. If your final hand is one of the winning combinations, you win your bet back and more. If not, you lose your bet.

Video Poker has a house edge of about 2.09%, but this can vary slightly depending on the game version you’re playing:

  • Jacks or Better: 2.11% house edge
  • Tens or Better: 2.08% house edge
  • Bonus Poker: 2.09% house edge

The game also has a “Smart Hold” feature that suggests which cards to hold to increase your chances of winning. But remember, it’s a general guide for all hands, and sometimes you might do better if you choose yourself. So, using Smart Hold is your choice, and the casino isn’t responsible for any losses you might have if Smart Hold’s advice doesn’t work out.


Keno is a game that’s similar to a lottery where players pick their lucky numbers from 1 to 40. CryptoGames offers a version of Keno that’s easy to play on any device with a simple, modern look. You can choose up to ten numbers. When the game starts, your chosen numbers turn into golden symbols if they win, or an “X” if they don’t. The amount you win depends on how many numbers you guess correctly.


DiceV2 is the new and improved version of the classic dice game from CryptoGames. It’s been totally updated for a more modern and fun experience, keeping the game straightforward but adding new features. The goal is still to guess the outcome of the dice roll correctly. It keeps the original game’s simplicity but makes everything clearer without making it complicated. If you guess right, you win money right away. You pick one of two options and then roll the dice to see what happens. If the dice land in the green part of the slider, you win. If not, it’s time to try again. The new slider bar in the game makes it easy to see your chances of winning and how much you could win, and you can adjust your bet with it effortlessly.

Fastest, Secure, and Flexible Transaction Options:

To be a top-notch online casino, a site needs to be really good at processing transactions quickly, supporting many different types of money, and keeping everything secure. CryptoGames does a great job meeting these important standards consistently. They are very careful to protect all money transactions at all times, making sure everything is safe and secure.

CryptoGames stands out because it lets you use eleven well-known digital currencies, giving you a lot of freedom to choose the one that works best for you and your money. The site is designed to handle transactions fast and smoothly, making sure nothing gets in the way of the fun of the games. This great system lets players switch between different digital currencies and games easily, making the gaming experience better and more flexible.

At CryptoGames, you can play with these cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Gas
  • Monero
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Solana
  • Binance Coin

And if you want to try out strategies without risking your actual money, CryptoGames has “Play Money” you can use.

Security Measures for Transactions:

As the internet grows, so does the risk of hacker attacks. CryptoGames uses strong security measures to keep its users safe. Two-factor authentication adds an extra level of safety for your money, and SSL encryption makes the whole system more secure. Even if a hacker gets into a user’s account, they won’t be able to take out any money because they need to confirm it through email first. If there’s a security breach, the money is moved to an offline “cold wallet” to keep it safe until the problem is fixed.

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Flexible Exchange Options:

The “Exchange” feature at CryptoGames lets players trade and bet in their chosen digital currencies. The platform updates the currency exchange rates every day to make sure they’re always right. Remember, this feature is only for players who have signed up.


Free Coins to Test the Games – To try out strategies, players can use “Play Money.” There’s also an in-house “Faucet” feature that gives out free coins. Active users can get these coins by asking for them in the Rewards tab. The more you take part in the site’s activities and help the community, the higher your “Faucet” level gets, which means more free coins to play with.

Win More Funds with Jackpots and Referral Programs:

People love CryptoGames for its great prizes and competitive spirit. Right now, the biggest jackpots can be won in Dice and Roulette, offering players the chance to win big from just one bet.

For the Dice game, here’s how you can win the Jackpot:

  • Roll the dice to either 7.777 or 77.777.
  • The roll has to win.
  • Your bet and profit must meet the game’s set requirements.
  • The last two numbers of your server seed and client seed, when mixed and hashed, must be 77 (this is the jackpot number).

If you win more than 0.004 BTC or its value in another cryptocurrency, you’ll get the whole Jackpot. If you win less, you’ll get a part of the Jackpot, at least 1%.

In Roulette, you hit the Jackpot when:

  • You roll the number 7 four times in a row with the same cryptocurrency (and only the four bets in a row count).
  • Each bet must be profitable.
  • Your bet amount and profit need to meet the set requirements.

For Roulette, you’ll get the entire Jackpot if your total win across all four bets is above a certain amount for each type of cryptocurrency. If it’s less, you’ll get a part of the Jackpot, at least 1%. If your win amounts are different on the four bets, your Jackpot will match the lowest win amount.

CryptoGames also has a referral program. You can get your referral link from the Rewards tab in the “Invite a Friend” section. You’ll earn 15% of the house edge on every bet made by someone you refer, no matter if they win or lose. You can find promotional materials for the casino on the FAQ page.

Enjoy CryptoGames’ Monthly Wagering Contests Challenge:

Embark on an exhilarating journey within the realm of CryptoGames and partake in their captivating monthly wagering challenges. These contests commence on the first day of each month at 0:00 UTC and draw to a close on the final day at 23:59 UTC. The dynamic leaderboard, tailored for each cryptocurrency, unveils the most skilled contenders competing for substantial rewards. Not only do successful participants secure remarkable prizes, but they also earn lottery tickets for prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. With an array of cryptocurrency options, encompassing BitcoinCash, BinanceCoin, Dash, DogeCoin, EthereumClassic, NeoGas, LiteCoin, Solana, and Monero, a captivating and competitive pursuit awaits enthusiasts in these thrilling tournaments.

Indulge in the Ultimate Gaming Experience with CryptoGames’ VIP Program:

Designed to honor the prowess and dedication of elite players, CryptoGames’ VIP Program offers a trove of enticing privileges. Ascend to VIP status by securing a prominent position in the monthly wagering challenges, and relish a host of exclusive advantages, including but not limited to:

  1. Reduced House Edge on Dice: Immerse yourself in gameplay with an impressive house edge of 0.8%, a notable 20% reduction compared to regular players.
  2. Priority Betting Status: Revel in the pinnacle of betting speed, sans any server-side delays, irrespective of your chosen bet size.
  3. Elevated Exchange Limits: Execute up to ten exchanges daily, coupled with a 1 Bitcoin threshold.
  4. Access to VIP Chat Room: Bask in the luxury of a private chat enclave dedicated to VIP players and the casino’s managerial team.
  5. VIP Designation on Chat: Exhibit your [VIP] tag in the chatbox, an emblem of your esteemed status.
  6. Birthday Bonus: Commemorate your special day with a generous $100 Bitcoin birthday present (contingent on tier 3 KYC verification).
  7. Enhanced Faucet Level: Garner augmented rewards through an additional faucet level.
  8. Monthly Voucher Grants: Secure vouchers based on your position in the wagering contests, promptly delivered via email.

Embark on a Journey of Opulence and Gratification with CryptoGames’ VIP Program, a testament to an experience akin to that of a seasoned gambling aficionado.


Drawing upon firsthand encounters characterized by captivating, secure, and unparalleled entertainment, we confidently extend our endorsement to CryptoGames. The dedicated cadre of professionals underpinning the platform has exceeded expectations, as evinced by the meticulously crafted user interface and the implementation of comprehensive user-centric policies. In spite of its considerable tenure in the market, CryptoGames preserves an ethos that treats users as valued members of an extended family, ensuring their enduring integration within the casino’s fabric. Concluding our evaluation on an affirmative note, we hope this comprehensive review assists you in selecting a superlative gambling odyssey that will endure through the ages.