Confusion As Live Blackjack Dealer Miscounts Hand

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Confusion As Live Blackjack Dealer Miscounts Hand
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A video clip has surfaced online showing a live blackjack dealer online miscounting the hand, resulting in players losing their chips despite being in a winning position.

The clip, posted by the Instagram account @stakeisviral, shows the dealer's confusion as there appears to be a technical glitch with the system at the live casino site. They apologize for the inconvenience before dealing the cards 2, 3, 8, 3, and 8 in the dealer's hand, equalling 24, or bust.

However, after a brief pause, and having seemingly recounted the cards, the dealer is prompted to count the last card again before exclaiming, "the dealer shows 21, thank you for playing and I wish you good luck in the next round".

The clip has amassed tens of thousands of views in just a few days, and viewers are equally confused as to how the hand transpired.

One person commented, "I don’t get it. It’s on camera. It’s 24, she loses lol. Why can she say it’s 21? Lol."

Another suspected foul play on behalf of the live casino, "Notice she counting the numbers but somehow forgot to add 16+8 so off camera seems like they have a script or the chit gave the wrong card."

In Blackjack, the dealer will keep dealing cards to themselves once all players have made decisions regarding their own hand. If their hand exceeds 21, all players who haven't bust their own hands (exceeded 21) will win. We have a comprehensive how to play blackjack guide that covers all aspects of the popular casino game. 

Gambling Industry Not Immune To Human Error

Human error is unfortunately part of most walks of life, and betting is no different. Whether it's a dealer miscounting their cards, or the wrong price appearing on a sports betting website. In the latter case this is known as a palpable error, or palp, where the bookmaker has made a clear and obvious mistake when making odds.

While the watermark appears to show that the mishap occurred at the Stake operator, it's unclear which online casino site this discretion occurred. Live casinos are also often operated by outside companies such as software providers.

It's also unclear whether or not the players were refunded their funds.

Jacopo Fedi alleges that the second three which the dealer pulled was misscanned, meaning it's no longer valid in the hand.

He stated: "The second 3 has been misscanned. Now, in those occasions, the number is not valid. It has been canceled in the system and the operator told her to rescan the 8 as the system was stuck when she initially did. If you notice, the count stops at 13 because the 3 has not been registered. Not registered, so therefore canceled. The lady is asked to rescan the 8, just the 8, as the 3 is no longer valid due to being misscanned. 3+2+8+8=21."