How to win at blackjack: The complete guide

Author: Live Casino Direct
How to win at blackjack: The complete guide
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Blackjack is one of the most misunderstood games in a casino. It's a game where a small amount of skill goes a long way. Blackjack strategy can reduce the house edge to a wafer-thin 0.5%.

The key to winning at blackjack is understanding some probability. With every ten, jack, queen, and king have the value of ten. There are 16 cards in every 52-card deck worth ten each. You get two cards at the start of each of the hands. The dealer gets one card face-up and one face down.

If the dealer shows an 8, 9, or 10, you assume they have 18, 19, 20. You should be more aggressive with your own hand and take another card to inch closer to 21.

Dealer is weak. You can be more confident in your own play in this circumstance. If your starting total is 11 or fewer, you can double down on more hands than you might normally consider. If the dealer goes on to bust, then you win twice as much as you would otherwise have done.

The key to successfully playing blackjack online is to follow a basic strategy chart. It covers all possible combinations of your two starting cards against the dealer’s upcard. Never split two tens as it's more than likely you have the winning hand already.

The house edge is always there at blackjack. Following a solid strategy can help you win games.

Side bets in blackjack are a losing proposition. Blackjack side bets can be fun but they drain your cash over time.

Dealer showing an ace upcard will offer you an insurance bet to minimize the risk of them turning over blackjack. Do not accept it. Insurance will cost you more than it's worth over time.

Armed with his basic blackjack strategy information and a black jack hands chart, you are now in a far better position to understand how to win at black Jack at TwinSpires Casino.