Commonly used words in online slots games

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The time when a straightforward slot machine just had one or two phrases attached to it is long gone. The only alternatives were one-armed bandits, Bell Fruit machines, or fruit symbols.

Today’s slot machines are so highly advanced that anyone visiting a casino for the first time would be amazed. The wide variety of games, gorgeous video images, dramatic sound, intricate features, and bonus rounds can easily overwhelm players.

But don’t be alarmed! This article will help newbies understand the terminology most used in judi online slots. To understand slot lingo, keep reading. If the player better understands the issue, they might be able to win a significant sum of money from their favorite casinos.

3- or 5-reel video games

The reels, which rotate each time you press the start button, are where the symbols are placed. Although there used to be a standard 3-Reel layout (and specific retro-themed slots still have them), five reels are now more common.

Paylines and Stake Amounts

In the past, the central line spanning the reels served as the victory line. Players must arrange matching symbols on this one line to win. Gamers can now bet on many pay lines that place themselves across the reels in intricate arrangements. They may quickly find hundreds of winning combinations on any one spin.


The space between two symbols on a single reel of an online slot game is referred to as “blank.” It happens frequently and is sometimes referred to as a “ghost.”

Credit Meter

On the screen of an online slot machine, the credit meter is a display that lets players know how many game credits they have left at any time.


Comps are the perks offered to online slot players, like free meals, travel vouchers, etc.

Coin size

The size of the coin used in the wager.

Multi-line slots

“Multi-line slots” are the name given to slot machines with many paylines.


Players who only play one coin at a time are known as onesies.


The table that provides all the potential payments in a specific slot online machine game, according to different winning combinations, is referred to as the “pay table.”

Progressive slots

Slot machines in the progressive slot category are those where the jackpots are connected. A small amount of each wager made on one of these slot machines contributes to a pooled jackpot available to all players.

Progressive jackpots

Prizes won by playing online slots with progressive jackpots are known as progressive jackpots. These people frequently have the power to alter lives.

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

 RNG is a program that generates random numbers in a slot machine. These numbers determine the positions of the symbols and reels each time one spins the reels and their final winnings and losses.

Roll up

A dramatic sound effect known as roll-up plays after a gambler wins at an online slot machine.


In an online slot machine game, symbols are a collection of pictures or emblems that display on each reel. Players can win big prizes by perfectly aligning the symbols on the reels.

Wild symbol

A wild symbol is a symbol that can substitute for other symbols to generate winning combinations when it appears on the reels of an online slot game.

Scatter symbol

Players can win sizable rewards if a scatter symbol shows in any part on the screen of an online slot game. Scatter symbols also trigger various bonus features and games, such as free spins.

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Fun fact: Slots have been around for over 140 years! 🎰🕰️ Invented in the 1880s, these early machines were primitive versions of today's video poker. The first modern slot, the Liberty Bell, came to life in 1894 thanks to Charles Fey.