Bruno Mars’ ‘$50m gambling debt’ with MGM ‘completely false’, Las Vegas casino claims and denies singer owes them money

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Bruno Mars’ ‘$50m gambling debt’ with MGM ‘completely false’, Las Vegas casino claims and denies singer owes them money
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BRUNO Mars has been cleared of any accusations regarding a Las Vegas gambling debt.

On Monday, it was reported that Bruno, 38, owed a casino $50 million after he lost it gambling.

It was said that the singer owed the money to the MGM Resorts in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Quickly after the news of the alleged debt spread, MGM spoke out to clear Bruno's name.

A representative of MGM Resorts International said that the Treasure singer did not have a gambling tab with the resort, according to TMZ.

The resort said the report was "completely false."

MGM said: "We’re proud of our relationship with Bruno Mars, one of the world’s most thrilling and dynamic performers."

The resort continued: "MGM and Bruno's partnership is longstanding and rooted in mutual respect.

"Any speculation otherwise is completely false; he has no debt with MGM.

"Together, we are excited to continue creating unforgettable experiences for our guests."

Bruno began his most recent Nevada stint in February and is expected to keep performing until April.

He entered the ninth year of his Vegas residency at the beginning of 2024.

That's when the singer was accused of owing MGM a massive gambling debt.

Bruno was said to be paying off his debt directly to the casino, according to NewsNation - but the casino disputed the report.

The source said they were a "well-placed Vegas insider."

The source claimed: "He owes millions."

“(MGM) basically own him,” they continued.

Bruno has been said to make $90 million off of his long-running residency.

Bruno's 13-year relationship with actress Jessica Caban has reportedly been on the rocks.

The superstar has been leading an increasingly separate life from his partner, who he has been with since 2011.

The couple spent Christmas and New Year's Eve apart, and his busy touring schedule has also separated them.

Even more strain has been believed to have been put on their relationship by his reluctance to get serious and tie the knot.

A friend of the couple said: “Bruno and Jessica barely spend time together anymore — it is really sad.

“They are living separate lives so it doesn’t bode well for their relationship. It feels like things are fizzling out between them.

“They have so much history together but we aren’t sure whether they will be able to save things this time.

“It would be hard for them to say goodbye but perhaps it’s for the best at this point.”

A rep for the star did not comment on their relationship.

Asked during an interview in 2016 whether he would propose, Bruno said: “She’s my best friend. My rock. What’s wrong with that? We’re just happy.”

He first met Jessica at a restaurant in New York.