Battle of the Software Providers: Microgaming vs Netent

Battle of the Software Providers: Microgaming vs Netent
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Two ofthe oldest and best-known casino software providers in the world areMicrogaming and NetEnt. They pioneered the early days of onlinecasinos and remain giants in the industry, boasting some of the mostpopular games ever produced.

We’llcompare and contrast Microgaming and NetEnt under these categories,judging which fits each criterion better!

  • Gameselection

  • Gamequality

  • Innovation

  • Payoutrates

  • Mobilesupport

  • Customersupport

Game selection

Both Microgaming and NetEnt have largeportfolios filled with a variety of casino games, including slots andtable games. If you count NetEnt’s parent company, Evolution Gaming,in the mix, they both offer live dealer titles, too.

However, this category has a clear winnerthanks to the nature of Microgaming as a business. NetEnt is a gamedeveloper, but Microgaming is a parent company, with its gamingportfolio run under Games Global, which has dozens of developers underits umbrella. Thanks to this, while NetEnt has a fantastic 200+ gamesto its name, Microgaming owns more than 1000 all together.

Game quality

Both Microgaming and NetEnt are renowned for the quality oftheir gaming catalogue. Some of the best games on the market weredeveloped by these companies.

When it comes down to it, however, NetEnt isgenerally considered to put out a higher standard of games. While thisis a muddied issue, what with Microgaming’s library being so vastand diverse, NetEnt focuses more on quality than quantity. Itcontinues to innovate classic slots and brings them to new,increasingly impressive heights and maintains a consistent qualityacross a higher percentage of its games.


NetEnt and Microgaminghave been at the forefront of online casino software development foras long as it’s existed. Microgaming even claims to have made thefirst piece of modern gambling software.

But both have improved and changed theindustry over their decades of operation. Microgaming brought us theprogressive jackpot with its Mega Moolah game, for instance. AndNetEnt introduced cascading reels to slots with Gonzo’s Quest, afeature that is now commonplace in slot games.

When it comes to innovation, you can’tchoose one. Both companies have helped mould the iGaming landscapeinto what it is today, and you can’t put one’s contribution overthe other.

Payout rates

Payout rates, also called RTP or ‘Return toPlayer’ percentages, are the percentage of a wager that games payoutover time. Payout rates are largely determined by the games instead ofthe online casinos, and both Microgaming and NetEnt have consistentlyprovided fair and reasonable payout rates on their software.

This is another point skewed by just howmany games Microgaming has. With more games, their library ends upwith a less affected average, skewing towards the industry standard of95-96%. However, it’s worth noting that when it comes to their mostpopular titles, NetEnt has consistently higher RTPpercentages.

Mobile support

This is an obvious tie. Both developers have been optimisingnew games for mobile play and updating their older titles, too. All oftheir games that are still supported can be played without issue onboth mobile and desktop.

Customer support

While customer supportwill usually be provided by whichever casino you’re playing at, youcan still contact both Microgaming and NetEnt if you have any issueswith their games. Both developers welcome contact with simple contactforms available from their websites. Bear in mind that if you havequestions about Microgaming games instead of their regular software,you will need to contact Games Global specifically.

Whichcompany is better?

So, with all this said, which is better? Microgaming orNetEnt?

Well, likewith so many of these things, it’s not as easy as which is superior,because that’ll change for each person. Both offer fantasticproducts with different strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re after thewidest range of content, covering the most genres and variations,you’ll do better with the Microgaming library. But if you’re afterquality over quantity, with great returning series and moderngameplay, you will likely prefer NetEnt’s selection.

To know which is bestfor you, try out some of their games and figure out which you enjoythe most. Thankfully, you can play free demos of all their games fromtheir home websites — again, you’ll need to visit Games Global tofind the Microgaming catalogue.

Why are Microgaming and NetEnt,such good software providers?

Many things make Microgaming and NetEnt suchwell-regarded casino software providers. However, we think that at itscore, it boils down to three main things: quantity, quality andexperience.

Bothdevelopers boast impressive game collections, even if Microgaming hasrebranded its catalogue since 2022. Microgaming had hundreds of gamesto its name even before it pulled all of its games together under asingle umbrella. And NetEnt confidently announces its 200+ games onits website, with more always on the way.

Additionally, both have worked to innovate andbring new, exciting features to online gambling that we hadn’tconceived of before. Microgaming brought us the progressive jackpot,and NetEnt introduced cascading reels; both are now staples of slotcatalogues. They continue to push the boundaries of what we considerslots and drive their competitors to do the same.

And ultimately, youcan’t talk about these industry giants without acknowledging howlong they’ve been shaping the world of iGaming. Both have beenaround for over two decades, with Microgaming coming up on its 30thanniversary in 2024. During this time, both companies have gainedexcellent reputations, earning many rewards and securing themselvesspots in the legacy of online gambling.


NetEnt and Microgamingare, without a doubt, two of the best online casino software providerson the market. They offer huge libraries of top-quality games withinnovative features that keep us coming back to see what they’ll donext.

If you’reafter some excellent casino gaming content, look no further than thesetwo developers. Any casino hosting their games is sure to keep youentertained!

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