Aristocrat eye-catcher ‘Tian Ci Jin Lu’ slot in Macau soon

Aristocrat eye-catcher ‘Tian Ci Jin Lu’ slot in Macau soon
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Aristocrat Gaming, the casino technology segment of Aristocrat Leisure Ltd, says it has launched its slot game “Tian Ci Jin Lu” – complete with what it terms “metamorphic signage” (pictured) – at Hann Casino Resort in Clark, in the Philippines.

The product is also in the Manila market in the Philippines, in Singapore, and in Cambodia, and “will soon be available in Macau,” said the gaming supplier.

“Essentially, the overhead sign becomes an integral part of the game, elevating the gameplay experience to new heights by adding a sense of theatre and entertainment,” said Lloyd Robson, general manager for Asia at Aristocrat Gaming, as cited in a press release from the technology supplier.

The company says the overhead sign is designed to create a “dynamic experience” relating to the jackpot values shown on the top screen. As players progress, coins fill up the ‘temple’ steps on the overhead signs to indicate the length of time between jackpots being won. When the jackpot is hit, it triggers a special display, which Aristocrat Gaming says has the effect of “enhancing the entertainment and excitement of a big win”.

Cheryl Tiglao, director of slot at Hann Casino Resort, was cited in the press release as saying: “Our players enjoy the theatre of the sign, as it combines with the game to deliver a captivating performance. We are happy to partner with Aristocrat Gaming to launch this unique sign in Asia.”

Aristocrat Gaming added the game had been designed in recognition of “distinct preferences of Asian players”, but also with understanding of “each market’s nuances” within Asia.

“It features an innovative incentive bet structure with different tiers of jackpot eligibility, striking the perfect balance between player and operator,” added the supplier.

From the operators’ perspective, Tian Ci Jin Lu’s customisable jackpot configurations allow operators “to create fast meter rates that cater to their specific requirements,” stated Aristocrat Gaming.

“With its single-denomination math model, operators can strategise and optimise potential while creating a dynamic gaming environment,” added the supplier.

The product also offers what Aristocrat Gaming says is an innovative “Must-Hit-By” standalone progressive capability. “This feature introduces a new level of interactivity, allowing players to explore various gaming options and seek out the game closest to its ‘Must Hit By’ value,” said the company.