Game Aggregator ties to Jackpot Aggregator: SOFTSWISS

Game Aggregator ties to Jackpot Aggregator: SOFTSWISS

SOFTSWISS, a provider of business-to-business services to online casinos and other gaming providers, says it has completed the integration of its Game Aggregator – a content hub for such digital businesses – and its Jackpot Aggregator.

“Now, all the power of the [SOFTSWISS] Jackpot Aggregator is available to clients of our [game] aggregation platform,” said Tatyana Kaminskaya (pictured), head of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, in an interview with GGRAsia.

SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, launched in October 2021, has had a “significant positive impact on online casino key performance indicators and player retention,” according to the company. The product is described as an iGaming business tool for player acquisition, engagement and retention.

Ms Kaminskaya noted in her update on the company’s work: “All the Game Aggregator clients – both existing and new operators using the aggregator – will be able to launch local and global jackpot campaigns on all games available through the Game Aggregator.”

Previously, two separate integrations were required – one with SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator and another with the firm’s Jackpot Aggregator.

“Consequently, there was a double workload, including technical resources and time,” observed Ms Kaminskaya.

In a Friday press release, SOFTSWISS said that PIN-UP Casino, which carries out gambling activities under a Curaçao licence, was “the first client to run jackpots via this integration”.

Aliaksei Douhin, head of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, was quoted in the release as saying: “Our player engagement solution is now integrated with the key SOFTSWISS products, laying the foundation for building a successful gambling business.”

SOFTSWISS says a “major roadblock slowing down” the firm’s Game Aggregator and other aggregators from breaking into Asia has been a “technology gap in integration”.

Across that continent, “local operators are still holding on to the techs [technologies] that the European iGaming world left behind years ago,” stated Ms Kaminskaya.

“That’s what’s making us seek potential clients who adopt the latest integration methods,” she added.

In relation to building its business in Asia, she said that “instead of locking onto specific countries, we are out to connect with committed partners who embody a performance-driven mindset, possess industry wisdom, and who truly get the lay of the land and what makes the market tick”.

The value to SOFTSWISS of the recent SiGMA Asia online gaming trade event in Manila, in the Philippines, had been “checking out competition, spotting opportunities, and crafting a solid roadmap based on our findings,” said Ms Kaminskaya.

Asia has been “a completely new frontier for us,” so SiGMA Asia “had a big purpose: networking,” the executive added.

Philippines opportunities

GGRAsia asked if SOFTSWISS was interested in becoming a licensed services supplier in the Philippines for the offshore gaming sector.

Ms Kaminskaya noted: “We are ready to kick-start the licensing process in the Philippines with clients who would show interest in our offerings.”

But she observed: “Acquiring a licence demands a significant investment of time, financial resources, legal expertise, and more… Pursuing a licence merely for the sake of having it, without ensuring its effective utilisation in a new market, looks like a fruitless strategy.

“That said, we are fully open to collaboration with potential partners who harbour ambitions to strengthen their foothold in the Philippine market. Together, we can expertly navigate this challenge. In Europe, we stick to a similar game plan, making sure there’s a uniform approach that spans regions without notable deviations.”

Ms Kaminskaya confirmed to GGRAsia that SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator had passed the 190 mark in terms of the number of content providers it serves, and an aggregate of more than 16,000 games.

SOFTSWISS recently said that in July the group had broken the EUR10 billion (US$10.7 billion) barrier in terms of total bets “across all projects” it serves.

Ms Kaminskaya also referred to a survey by Kantar, a data analysis and consulting agency, indicating that among current clients of SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator, 93 percent were satisfied with the platform.

She told GGRAsia that was a “resounding testament” to the company’s “operational prowess and unwavering dedication to delivering high-class client service”.

Functions that have been added to SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator include the Tournament Tool, and an ‘Only Real Money’ setting to the Tournament Tool. That allows online-casino operators to calculate tournament results based solely on real-money bets and wins.

Such additions were “prompted by client requests”, noted Ms Kaminskaya.

“Client feedback holds a special place in our operations: maintaining ongoing dialogue with clients and having the ability to not just listen, but to actually act upon their requests, are fundamental factors that underpin the success of any product or business,” she explained.

The company’s product portfolio includes the Online Casino Platform, the Game Aggregator, the Affilka affiliate platform, the Sportsbook platform and the Jackpot Aggregator.

The firm’s clients are already able to enjoy the benefits of its Sportsbook and Game Aggregator products simultaneously, after the two went live last year with cross-product integration.