The Convergence of Cryptocurrency and Online Casinos

The worlds of online gambling and cryptocurrency have begun an intriguing dance of integration. As technology continues to shape our lives, cryptocurrencies have started to redefine online gambling, enhancing the efficiency and privacy of transactions. Cryptocurrencies, digital or virtual currencies employing cryptography for security, have…
The Music Universe

The Beatles playing Las Vegas in 1964 & their fascination with slot machines

On the 20th of August 1964, The Beatles played two back to back shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It was to be the first and last time that the band played in Sin City, on the second day of their North American tour. The summer of 1964 was arguably the height of so-called Beatlemania, and the frenzied atmosphere that followed the group was…
The Beatles playing Las Vegas in 1964 & their fascination with slot machines
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Metal Addicts

Metal Bands with Branded Online Slots

There are many metal band online slots and other casino games relating to music, songs, rock bands, or music programs. While not as familiar as the movie or TV slots, there are many online casino slots based on artists such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Guns' N Roses, and Village People. In addition, branded and licensed slot…
Metal Bands with Branded Online Slots

PlayStation Enters Mobile Market

PlayStation is a Japanese brand by Sony Interactive Entertainment, a subsidiary of Sony Corporation. The PlayStation video game console is a well-known brand under the PlayStation umbrella, with the initial PlayStation console released in Japan in late 1994 and worldwide the following year. Since then, Sony has released four more video game…
PlayStation Enters Mobile Market
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$6,000 Welcome Bonus

Players can claim the SUPER300 bonus code on their first three deposits only. The minimum deposit amount required to redeem each bonus code is $25. This bonus is not valid in the Live Dealer Casino. The deposit plus bonus amount is subject to a 45X playthrough requirement before any winnings can be withdrawn.

Online Slots Based on Video Games

There are plenty of slots where developers take inspiration from conventional games; however, things go in a very different direction. However, here we'll focus on the slots entirely based on video games, featuring duplicate titles, and use imagery and logos from the original games. Video slots are an integral part of online casinos, covering…
Online Slots Based on Video Games

The Bond Between Sci-Fi and Online Gambling

Scified2021-12-01 07:10:362021-12-01 07:10:36https has long moved out of the realm of conspiracy theories to form part of the mainstream. Classic movies like The Thing, Alien, Star Wars, and Men in Black are popular culture. Moreover, there are many casino slot machines about science fiction. The game themes include extraterrestrial life,…
The Bond Between Sci-Fi and Online Gambling

UK Gambling Regulations Set to Change

The 2005 UK Gambling Act is currently undergoing a complete overhaul. The 2021 Gambling Act, as it will become known, will see much greater emphasis placed on the protection of players. Talks were underway pre-pandemic, but the arrival of COVID-19 and the sudden uptick in the number of people gambling online forced the UK Gambling Commission…
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Musicians with a Passion for Gambling

These artists found lots to enjoy when it came to gambling. Musicians have long had a taste for gambling, be it games of poker on the tour bus or evenings in the VIP lounge of a glitzy casino. With a lot of disposable income, it's no surprise that many successful musicians enjoy betting and gambling. The link between music and gambling has always…
Gambling Addiction
Musicians with a Passion for Gambling