xQc “dragged out” of Montreal casino over old gambling addict claims

xQc “dragged out” of Montreal casino over old gambling addict claims
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Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was “dragged out” of a Montreal casino after it was revealed he has a province-wide gambling ban stemming from a “clickbait” article in 2022.

The popular streamer, who signed a lucrative deal with Kick worth more than $100 million earlier this year, has been turning heads with his “mind-boggling” wealth and crazy gambling amounts recently.

But now it seems that at least some of xQc‘s gambling ventures will be restricted as he’s revealed that he was removed from a Montreal casino because of a sweeping gambling ban.

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xQc took to Twitter to express his disbelief and frustration over the incident. “Went to the Montréal casino after my birthday dinner to spend some time with my family. Split small amounts to each member so we could play table games and laugh. Security came and dragged me out in front of everyone because of a 2022 radio Canada clickbait article. Cringe,” he tweeted.

Later, on his stream, xQc elaborated on the situation, sharing his conversation with the casino staff. “You guys just banned me. I’m here with my family, just chilling out. We’re just betting low amounts. And I’m getting banned from the whole place and you guys are like dragging me out,” he explained.

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After asking about the reason for his unexpected removal from the casino, the staff cited a 2022 article as the basis for his ban.

“Well, dude, basically what happened in 2022, there was an article that came out about you so our online systems banned you from playing online,” they reportedly told him.

The article in question appears to be a post from Radio Canada, which refers to xQc as someone “who has a gambling addiction by his own admission.”

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“I’m banned from everything. Banned from everything in the entire province. All the casinos. All online stuff. I can’t even buy a lottery ticket. I can’t do anything until it’s appealed. I’m banned from everything that has chance in it in the entire state,” he said.

However, it appears that xQc won’t have to worry about the province-wide ban for much longer as it’s all but confirmed that he’ll be moving to Miami in the near future after Adin Ross seemingly leaked the information on stream.