Win a Stay at This Iconic Las Vegas Hotel Suite From 'The Hangover'

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Win a Stay at This Iconic Las Vegas Hotel Suite From 'The Hangover'
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We will soon mark a very important anniversary for one of Hollywood's greatest comedies. We are, of course, talking about "The Hangover," aka the best buddy movie and best flick about Las Vegas in history, which celebrates its 15th anniversary on July 16. And we aren't the only ones honoring the movie. is also here to celebrate it by offering one lucky person the chance to stay in a suite at Caesar's Palace. 

"Is your dream to visit one of Vegas' finest? To wake up and find a tiger in your bathtub? Or perhaps have Mike Tyson be in your hotel room waiting for you," the contest's page reads. "If this resonates, then The Hangover Suite Giveaway is just the thing for you! (Tiger and Mike Tyson not included)."

The contest includes a night at the suite featured in the film, hence why the competition refers to it as the "Hangover Suite." But please note the suite isn't actually themed around the film, so don't get disappointed if you win and Bradley Cooper isn't there waiting for you. The stay is worth more than $2,000. You can bring along a guest, but you and the guest are both responsible for transportation, food or drink, and any expenses incurred — including if you have to pay off any gangsters or pay for the return of Tyson's tiger along the way. 

To enter the contest, suggests you "brush up" on your film knowledge by watching the film  "once, twice, maybe thrice."  Then, when you're feeling ready, open the quiz page to see how well you actually remember every detail of the film. And we mean every detail. (When we took the quiz the questions included things like, "What is the name of the wedding florist company delivering flowers to the wedding in the first scene of the movie," and "What car is Doug given to drive to Vegas in?")

And sorry to say, cheating may be tough. The test is limited to just 10 minutes, so you better know your stuff. Don't worry. You've got a few days for a re-watch and research as the competition closes on June 30. Find out more and enter at