Why Mobile Will Soon Overtake Desktop Casino Gaming

Why Mobile Will Soon Overtake Desktop Casino Gaming

Online casinos have long been a popular form of entertainment on desktop computers. As mobile technology advances, though, there are increasing signs within the industry that customers are moving away from the traditional PC experience.

It’s likely that mobile casinos will soon overtake their desktop counterparts to become the most popular way of experiencing casino gaming.

It’s more convenient 

This is (obviously) the main factor behind mobile gaming’s popularity. There’s a special kind of allure to having a full-scale casino replete with hundreds of the best online slots in your pocket. Being able to carry a casino around with you is fantastic for people who are on the go or can’t devote much time to sitting at a desktop computer. It’s even better if you travel frequently or are on holiday but still want to partake in a quick game of roulette. Being able to pick up a casino game at any time, anywhere, is a powerful experience, and enough to make you forget about your desktop altogether!

Optimization is better than ever

Loading an online casino on your mobile phone used to mean a clunky experience full of bugs and lag. Casinos weren’t always designed to be played on mobile phones, and most games were optimized solely for desktop. Mobile gaming felt like an awkward concession on behalf of the casino, but not anymore. Developers have worked hard to optimize sites and games for mobile phones, and most casinos now have specialized apps. Mobile gaming has developed so much that some games are specifically designed with mobile phones in mind and perform better in handheld mode. This trend is almost certain to continue, to the point where mobile phones will become the preferred medium for players and developers alike.

Mobile data is getting quicker

This is universally true. As mobile phone networks upgrade from 4G to 5G, data speeds will increase dramatically in the future. They’re already well up from the era of sluggish 3G. That means that downloading apps and playing games is smoother than ever. Most 4G connected phones won’t experience a single moment of lag. Data allowances are getting more generous too, with some companies offering unlimited packages. In certain cases, mobile data is even quicker than a standard broadband connection so there’s no reason not to make the switch to gaming on the move.

A more immersive experience

It might seem like an odd statement (since desktop computers have much larger screens) but mobile casino games tend to be more immersive. Fullscreen mode on a mobile phone really does mean fullscreen, without any of the notifications and popups that plague desktop computers. Most phone displays now cover the entire front of the device, with no borders to break immersion. Phone screens have improved dramatically over the years too, with many supporting full and gorgeous HD.

The immersive experience comes to the fore on a long car journey. Putting a pair of earphones in and playing on fullscreen will whisk you away to the glamour of a casino and make even the longest drives fly by.