Why blackjack is the best casino game

Author: Live Casino Direct
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The objective of blackjack is to have the sum of cards closer to 21 than the dealer's without going over 21. The first person who gets to the 21st card wins.

Blackjack has only two outcomes: win or lose. By keeping the game simple, there is less chance of making mistakes that cost you money.

Blackjack offers excellent odds compared to other games in the casino. It is one of the only games where skilled players have an advantage over the house. Some people make their living playing blackjack full time.

The house edge, also known as the vigorish, is the advantage that a casino has over you. In blackjack, it can be calculated by finding 100 * Ace – 10 * Player – 2 * Dealer – 0.5 or using a formula for various decks and totals.

How much money should a player bet on a hand of blackjack? Not much for a good player who knows basic strategy and simple techniques.

The dealer is your best friend. Blackjack dealers are responsible for running the game and taking bets. Basic strategy is important for beginners. If you know when to split pairs or hit instead of standing, you can significantly reduce the house edge.

Blackjack is a casino favorite because it's easy to play and learn. It offers excellent odds for players who know what they're doing. Most people don't understand the basic strategy or card counting. By knowing when to split 10s and double down on hard totals, you can make your money last longer and give the house more of your cash.

How much money can you make playing blackjack? It depends on the stakes you choose and the skill level you have. For every $150 bet in a multi-deck game with optimal strategy, you should expect to lose $6 per hour.

Learn to play blackjack by learning basic strategy and card-counting. There are several books available on Amazon that will teach you both. Online program Blackjack Bluebook 2 teaches both techniques in about five minutes using flashcards.

Some general blackjack tips are always splitting tens, never hitting on soft totals of 12 or 13, double down only when dealer shows 3 through 6, and card counting. New laws in New Jersey and Nevada require dealers to shuffle after 5-6 bets per shoe.

Practice, read books and sign up for an online forum to improve your blackjack skills are the best ways to learn the game.