What's Up With Pasino?

What's Up With Pasino?
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And that’s the case with Pasino. It’s a new casino and gambling platform that wants to bring a fresh touch to the crypto betting world. The project came out with expertise, a remarkable user-friendly interface, and multiple earning opportunities.

Who’s behind Pasino?

The team behind Pasino.com is the team that founded FaucetPay. FaucetPay is a very successful micropayment wallet and earning platform known in the cryptocurrency world for professionalism, reliability, and the innovative ways in which users can obtain cryptocurrency.

With the input and expertise they gathered with the first project, the team has expanded with the Pasino.com project into the world of online crypto casinos.

Their initiative got the support of the existing FaucetPay community, having 5,000 members join Pasino as well.

The support comes from a well-designed plan that offers fair earning opportunities and further integration with the Feyorra dapp, allowing FEY stakers to benefit from a share of the house edge.

Furthermore, the FEY token is meant to have 40% of its initial supply distributed through Wager Mining, a system that will reward players with additional cryptocurrency within their games.

What Games does Pasino Offer?

A casino and gambling platform can’t exist without offering some games. Pasino.com is currently offering 3 games: Crash, Hash Dice, and Plinko.

The games are well known by crypto casino connoisseurs. But although they’re familiar, Pasino makes them shine in a different light. They’re as easy to play as they can be, employ an automation feature, and besides the wager mining, they help their players rank into activity contests that offer additional rewards.

Crash is quite a simple game to understand. A rocket-like object launches every round, and the players have to guess how far it will go and bet on it. The level the rocket reaches will be the number that will multiply the original bet and award the gambler with the corresponding sum.

Hash Dice takes the number-guessing games and brings them to another level. Players have to predict if the slot machine will show a lower or higher number than a certain level and win rewards for doing so.

And for the Plinko game, it’s based on a classic game with the same name in which players throw in a chip and see where it lands. In the Pasino game, players bet in Plinko to get a chip to land on a multiplier. The higher the multiplier, the higher the reward will be.

The games from Pasino are closely tied to the Wager Mining, the Wager Race, and the Affiliate Battle.

As mentioned before, players earn FEY tokens for betting inside the games. They earn 0.07 FEY for every $1 in crypto played in the platform. And because Pasino is encouraging the distribution of the Feyorra token, the players automatically participate in the Wagering Race. The contest is ranking users based on how much FEY they accumulate through Wager Mining. The contest has 10 winners, and the #1 position gets $50.

Besides betting and wager mining, users can also earn rewards from the affiliate system and the Affiliate Battle contest.

Pasino users can refer their friends and earn 0.3% for Crash, 0.1% for Plinko, and 0.5% for Dice on their referees’ individual bets.

And as a referrer gets active affiliates, he enters the Affiliate Battle contest in which he will be ranked based on the total wagered FEY downline the player has.

At the end of this contest, the top 10 users will be rewarded, and the #1 will get $100.

What Cryptocurrencies Can You Use?

Pasino is user-friendly and accessible all the way. As the plan is to integrate the platform with the Feyorra ecosystem, the main cryptocurrency used in games is the FEY token.

However, the platform is not limited to FEY only.

Users can join the games by using other cryptocurrencies as well. And as the Latest Bets table from Pasino’s homepage shows, users can bet using BTC, USDT, TRON, LTC, Doge, and other major cryptocurrencies.