What tech has revolutionised online casino the most?

What tech has revolutionised online casino the most?
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Online casino has enjoyed a stellar rise over the past few years as it continues to ride the wave of advancing technology and software. The introduction of new and improved tech has changed society and is driving us rapidly into a more digital future. The online realm is a space that is becoming more congested with industries and companies trying to effectively implement new tech innovations into their daily operations and many like the online casino industry are benefiting from new opportunities created by tech. 

Although many distinct aspects of tech are responsible for the rise in popularity and accessibility of online casino play, which introductions have had the biggest impact? 

Mobile Apps 

While smartphones are arguably the most life-changing piece of tech since the introduction of the internet, the applications on every single smartphone and tablet device are responsible for the individual activities human beings conduct in their day-to-day lives. Apps are created for individual services, be it banking, food delivery, email, or checking the weather and more online casinos are beginning to create and introduce their own apps onto the market to provide more playing options.  

Online casino operators have taken advantage of the evolution of apps to increase their outreach to customers all over the world in an attempt to make the most of an industry where the worldwide revenue is consistently growing at 20% year upon year. The latest mobile device software also enables online casino operators to provide incredibly sharp graphics, captivating sounds, and strong connectivity via Wi-Fi or mobile data on their apps to provide maximum entertainment. 

Enhanced security features 

When online casino started out with ‘The Gaming Club’ in 1994, one of the main problems encountered was that of security. With firewall and encryption technology back then nowhere near what it is capable of now, there was more skepticism and concern over transactions and the transmission of personal information. 

With the activity growing in popularity in the current digital era, the need for tighter security measures is paramount. Nowadays, players feel more protected and secure on online casinos, playing games like those available at Cloudbet, due to more alert encryption systems that ensure personal data is shielded from prying eyes. Standard protocols like SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption provide a secure connection between the user’s and online casino’s servers.  

A more recent tech innovation that has enhanced security is biometric technology. For decades, individuals have had to remember or save specific passwords, which were at more risk of being hacked. The introduction of biometric technology is the next step in ensuring that you, and you alone, are able to log into an online casino account and use its features. 

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