Viral Sensation Tim Naki Lands Million Dollar Blackjack Streak

Viral Sensation Tim Naki Lands Million Dollar Blackjack Streak
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Viral sensation Tim Myres has achieved one of the most legendary feats in gambling history by hitting $1 million in profit on his daily blackjack hands.

Myres, who goes by the handle @tim.naki on Instagram, accomplished the seven-figure target on Day 83 of his daily blackjack challenge, which involves betting 10 cents for every Instagram follower.

Naki, who started the challenge in February of this year with a $1500 dollar bet, has achieved cult status with his gambling content and now regularly punts hands of over $100,000, having grown his Instagram following to over 1.1 million.

The winning hand, a Q & 10, returned a total of $230,000.00 and saw the blackjack phenom's total soar to $1,088,971.00, comfortably over the scarcely believable million-dollar sum.

Naki's Million Dollar Blackjack Run

Not your average blackjack story, the rules for Naki's daily challenge were simple: playing a single hand of blackjack every day, with the bet size tied directly to his Instagram following.

Starting Day 1 with a $1,500 bet, Naki got off to a strong start. He won an impressive 7 out of his first 10 hands at online live dealer tables. This early success, combined with his engaging social media presence, quickly built him a loyal following who enjoyed watching his daily blackjack games.

As Naki's online community surged, so did the potential returns. By Day 50, with over 320,000 followers, he was placing bets exceeding a staggering $32,000 per hand - scoring a win of $128,000.

Crossing from online live dealer lobbies to the world's casino capital, Naki took his blackjack adventure to the glittering lights of Las Vegas on Day 74. Upping the ante even further, he tackled three hands simultaneously at the Red Rock Casino (with varying degrees of success), with close to a million followers watching on.

Day 80 saw Naki turn a blackjack (KA), returning a $270,000 windfall and setting up the possibility of achieving the near-mythical 'milli' in profit.

On May 3rd, 2024 (Day 83 of the challenge), Naki reached the milestone on his second attempt, landing a winning hand of Q & 10 vs. the dealer's K & 8, bringing his total profit to $1,088,971. It is thought Naki may now retire from the challenge.

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Who is Tim Naki?

Tim Naki is the social media alias of New Zealander Tim Myres, whose online name derives from the place of his birth (South Taranaki in New Zealand). An online digital creator who specializes in gambling content, Myres has previously streamed slots, roulette, and horse racing content across his YouTube and social channels before achieving unprecedented success with his recent blackjack challenge.

Dubbed Mr. Tintin ("ten, ten") by viewers because of his distinctive Kiwi accent; the social media star is based in Canada, where he plays the majority of his hands online.

During his legendary run, Naki has appeared on the What A Lad Podcast, downplaying the role of secret blackjack strategies and emphasizing luck: "People ask me what's the secret? I can't tell you the secret. The cards come out as the cards come out. You can know how to play blackjack, like what's the best way to play statistically, but it's just dumb luck."

When host Tim Marshall asked Naki his top tip for playing blackjack, he replied, ''Don't play side bets.'' Adding, "Blackjack is a game of statistics, a game of math...the strategy should remain the same always."

Blackjack is a game of statistics, a game of math...the strategy should remain the same always. - Tim Naki

Finally, in summarising the incredible fortune he has experienced during his streak, Naki emphasized the need for safer gambling, stating, "What people are seeing is a very small snippet of a man's gambling, I still have plenty of losses... for some reason doing one hand of blackjack [a day] has worked."