Vegas Strip Hotel Fees Up 189% Since 2014

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Vegas Strip Hotel Fees Up 189% Since 2014
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Additional fees at Las Vegas casinos and hotels shouldn’t come as a surprise to many. But a list of hotels that have increased their fees astronomically over the past decade has now been released and it doesn’t make for a pleasant read. The highest rise in fees is an incredible 189% since 2014.

So, is the massive jump in price justifiable?

Circus Circus 

We all know that as time goes on, things go up in price, and we can understand that the prices of hotels increase too. They need to make money, too, after all. 

However, when a hotel makes an 189% jump in hidden fees in 10 years, we can’t help but wonder whether such a massive increase is called for. 

In 2014, the extra fee at Circus Circus was $14.50. Today, if you want to spend a day at Circus Circus, be prepared to fork out an additional $41.95 in hidden fees. 

To be fair, the fee was quite a bit lower than some of the other hotels in the area. However, since Circus Circus is a family-focused medium-luxury hotel, can it really get away with nearly charging what the Bellagio is, for example? 


The Bellagio has always proudly claimed that it offers the best in luxurious living, so guests should expect to pay for the best in glamor and comfort. However, if you are paying astronomical amounts to stay in the hotel, is it essential for the hotel to charge an extra $50 per day for using the hotel’s amenities?

Before deciding whether the $50 resort fee is justifiable, let’s examine what we get for our extra cash. The resort fee gives guests access to five outstanding Bellagio resort pools, robes and towels at the spa and pool areas, fitness access, and high-speed internet access. 

The Bellagio has seen a price jump of nearly 100% in the last ten years, starting at $28 in 2014. 


Another iconic Las Vegas Strip hotel that charges guests a premium, The Venetian charges a whopping $50 extra per night. Considering guests enjoy pretty much the same benefits as at Bellagio, we can’t help but feel that this is also unjustified. 

The fact that these amounts exclude the $18 parking fee is unbelievable. 

Furthermore, in 2014, the fee was precisely 50% of what it is now. 

Treasure Island

Even though Treasure Island isn’t as iconic as the Venetian or Bellagio, its resort fees match those of world-class hotels. This hotel’s resort fee has doubled in the last ten years, but are guests truly getting that much more? Even though no one can deny that the fee is steep, it is fair to admit that Treasure Island offers slightly more for its $50 fee. 

Guests get to enjoy the use of kayaks, paddle boards and beach chairs. Children under the age of 12 also get to enjoy a complimentary breakfast. The hotel also offers fruit, candy, and cookies at set times during the day. Treasure Island joins the Venetian with a full 100% increase over the last decade.

MGM Grand

Before we assume all Las Vegas hotels are hiking up their hidden fees at ridiculous rates, this hotel proves us wrong. In the last ten years, the price increase at the MGM Grand has been just 60%. Mandalay Bay Hotel matched this percentage. In 2014, enjoying the extra facilities at the MGM Grand would have set you back $28. 

These days, you’ll be paying $45.

Let the Good Times Roll as the Cash Flows

One thing is clear: if you are having a vacation at the Las Vegas Strip, these hotels will ensure that your pocket feels it. While many admittedly offer top-notch accommodation, these hidden fees add up, and you might find that you’ve already begun spending next year’s vacation budget before your trip ends. 

We can’t help but wonder what we’ll be paying in a decade.