UPDATE: Annapolis ‘Progressive Prospector’ Unearths $922,143 Diamond Mine Prize

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UPDATE: Annapolis ‘Progressive Prospector’ Unearths $922,143 Diamond Mine Prize
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ANNAPOLIS,, Md. – A thrilling chase for the winning ticket in the Maryland Lottery’s new FAST PLAY  Diamond Mine game ended with a phenomenal payout.

The $20 game, which went on sale in January, features a progressive jackpot that grows with each ticket sold. The first progressive jackpot grew for more than two months until an Anne Arundel County woman purchased the winning ticket and won $922,143!

The Annapolis resident, calling herself “Progressive Prospector” for Lottery publicity, said she enjoys playing FAST PLAY games. Although she rarely spends more than $5 on a FAST PLAY ticket, “Progressive Prospector” got a funny feeling last week that had her itching to try a new $20 game.

She bought the ticket at Royal Farms #028 in Annapolis. The 32-year-old scanned the Diamond Mine game using the store’s ticket checker and was puzzled by the scanner’s message. After closely inspecting the ticket, “Progressive Prospector” spotted a matching number and, underneath, saw the words “progressive top prize.” Next, her eyes flicked back to the top of the ticket, which listed the progressive jackpot as $922,143.

“I was just thinking, ‘No way.’ I turned and walked right out of the store,” said the winner.

Keeping the ticket safe and close was important, so the lucky lady slept with the ticket until the day she arrived at Lottery headquarters to claim her prize.

The win will help the single mother move her family from an apartment to a home of their own.

The $20 Diamond Mine game features prizes ranging from $20 to $10,000 and the progressive jackpot, which starts at $250,000. With this win, the game has 14 more progressive jackpots for players to win.

“Progressive Prospector” isn’t the only one in the money since she unearthed her prize. Royal Farms #028 located at 424 Sixth Street in Annapolis earned a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a winning FAST PLAY ticket of $100,000 or more.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – An Anne Arundel County Royal Farms customer left the convenience store on Sunday, March 7, with a winning ticket for a life-changing jackpot. In the early morning hours, the player bought a $922,144-winning progressive jackpot ticket in the FAST PLAY Diamond Mine game.

The lucky store, Royal Farms #028, is located at 424 Sixth Street in Annapolis.

This is the first of 15 progressive jackpots in the $20 Diamond Mine game, which went on sale Jan. 4. The game’s progressive jackpot starts at $250,000 and increases with the sale of each ticket until a progressive jackpot-winner is sold. The game has other prizes, too, ranging from $20 to $10,000.

The Maryland Lottery is looking for our new jackpot winner! Lottery officials recommend the winner sign the back of the ticket and keep it in a safe place until claiming the prize. Winners typically get 182 days to claim prizes. However, the Lottery has extended claiming deadlines due to Maryland’s COVID-19 state of emergency.

The big winner can claim the prize by mail or in person by appointment at the Lottery headquarters’ Customer Resource Center located at 1800 Washington Blvd. in Baltimore. Winners of smaller prizes can claim them by mail, at Lottery retailers, at casinos or by appointment at Lottery headquarters. Get details on how to claim by mail here, how to schedule an appointment here and how to cash prizes at casinos and Lottery retailers here.

The lucky retailer can celebrate, too. Royal Farms #028 earns a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning FAST PLAY ticket with a value of $100,000 or more.

Diamond Mine is one of 15 FAST PLAY games available. FAST PLAY features instant-win games printed by Lottery terminals and self-service vending machines that play like scratch-offs. On progressive jackpot games like Diamond Mine, the progressive jackpot amount is updated every 15 minutes on in-store video displays and on mdlottery.com, and an up-to-the-minute figure is printed the tickets.