Understanding payout percentages: how top payout casinos maximise your winnings

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Understanding payout percentages: how top payout casinos maximise your winnings
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When you play games at online casinos, one of the most important things to look at is the payout percentage. This number refers to how much of the money that players bet will be given back to them over time. Understanding casino payout percentages is really helpful for finding the best online casinos that will give you the biggest chance to win. 

In this article, we’ll look at what payout percentage games mean, how they are calculated, and how they impact your gameplay and earnings. We’ll also give some tips for locating the top slots with the highest payouts. Whether you like playing slots, table games or other casino favourites, choosing sites with the best percentages is key for your bankroll.

Payout percentage games, also called RTP (return to player), show the amount of money that is returned to players from their bets over time. This percentage is the theoretical long-term payback, not the actual short-term payouts for any individual player.

For example, if a slot game has a 95% casino payout rate, it means that for every $100 bet on that game, $95 will be paid back to players in winnings over many spins. The platform keeps the other $5 as profit. In the short term you could win more or less than 95% based on luck. But over time, your RTP should get closer to the stated percentage.

These percentages are calculated by extensive testing of the games. The platform and outside testers run billions of rounds to determine the RTP. This makes sure the percentages match the real expected pay rate. When researching and comparing the RTP percentages between different casinos and games, review sites like gamblizard.ca can provide helpful objective casino reviews and educational resources for players looking to maximise their winnings.  Their team of experts analyses the RTP metrics and auditing of top platforms to identify the highest paying options.

For online players, it’s easy — the higher the casino payout percentage, the better. Games paying back in the mid to high 90s give you better odds and returns. This puts more money back in your account over time.

Look at a 98% payout slot versus one with an 85% pay rate. For every $100 bet, the 98% game pays back $98 to players eventually, while the 85% game only pays $85. That’s $13 more returned for every $100 wagered. Over thousands of spins, that really adds up.

So when picking games, look for ones with the highest published pay rates. Top slots will payout 95-99%, while table games like blackjack and video poker can pay over 99% with perfect play.

To maximise your slot and table game winnings, you need to find platforms that offer the highest overall pay rate across their game selection. While percentages can vary slightly from one game to the next, the best payout casinos consistently offer returns in the mid to high 90s. Here are some tips for locating the top real-money online casinos with the best RTPs:

  • Check casino reviews – Look for in-depth, expert reviews that break down the average overall pay rates across a platform’s entire gaming library. The highest percentage games indicate the best RTP.
  • Compare slot machine payout and tables – Check the pay rates for individual slots. Look for platforms that pay over 95% on most slots and over 99% for blackjack, video poker, and other skilled games. 
  • See the monthly reports – Many reputable online platforms publish actual monthly RTP reports validated by third parties. This shows their real rates over time. The highest percentages demonstrate better RTP.
  • Analyse player forums – Visit player communities and see what real users say about cashout speeds, wins and overall experiences. More positive feedback indicates satisfactory RTP.
  • Check certifications – Look for platforms certified by eCOGRA and other trusted testers. These audits ensure the slots meet advertised RTP rates. Certified sites offer fair, accurately published percentages.

While all casino slots have a built-in house edge, some offer significantly higher RTP than others. Here are some of the top options to maximise your chances of winning:

  • Blackjack – Returns over 99% when using proper basic strategy. One of the highest-paying table games.
  • Video poker – Also over 99% payout with optimal play. Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Bonus Poker are popular variants. 
  • Baccarat – This elegant card game has a 98.94% RTP when betting on the banker. Great for high rollers.
  • European roulette – Only a 2.7% house edge, much better odds than American roulette. Pays 97.3%.
  • Slots – Look for slots like Blood Suckers (98%), Starburst (96.1%), and Gonzo’s Quest (96%) for the highest slot machine payouts.

Finding online platforms with the best overall payout percentages — combined with sticking to the highest-paying games — is the key to maximising your gambling bankroll and winning opportunities. While short-term luck always plays a role, your odds and returns improve significantly over time by playing at sites and choosing slots with RTP rates in the mid to high 90s. 

Mila Roy is a Content Strategist for Gamblizard, focused on helping online players find the top payout casinos and slots to maximise their wins, with several years of experience in reviewing and analysing games.