Types of Slot Machines: Understanding Different Gambling Machines

Walking through casino halls and observing rows upon rows of slot machines that hypnotize players makes for an impressive sight. The same visual atmosphere is not present in an online casino, yet the upside is you don’t have any distractions when playing the various types of slots.

Pressing the spin button may seem easy, still every slot machine is not a truthful copy of the original concept. Brick and mortar establishments and best UK online casino strive to offer a unique flair to the gaming genre, but these games are their trump card. It’s time we discover what sets apart one machine from another gambling machine.

The Mutual Denominator

There is nothing too complex about these games. Most games function on the same principle, a player inserts coins, selects the bet size, pulls a lever in an old fashion machine, or pushes an interactive screen button for members of online casinos. If the RNG gets inclined in the player’s favor and the required symbols stack up, the result is a jackpot.

Some of the most frequent categories of symbols are:

  • Wilds symbols – can be a sort of a joker, taking the place of other symbols and securing the winning pay line.
  • Scatter symbols – typically activate extra options.
  • Bonus symbols – unlock new features; usually, a preset number of symbols is required.

Let’s identify the strengths and weaknesses of various concepts.

Classic Slots

Casinos perceive classic slot games as an irreplaceable resource in their lobbies. The concept has evolved over the years, but a lot of players still feel comfortable with the simplicity of the 3 reels and single pay line. The downside of the small number of reels is limited possible winning sequences.

If searching for immersive graphics with a Hollywood-style soundtrack, you are spinning the wrong reels. The classic games are bare-bones with symbols reminiscent of an archaic gaming era, lots of bells, fruits, and the occasional lucky number seven.

The prize money gets awarded if three identical symbols line up in a row, triggering the iconic moment of the slot spitting out coins. Wins can be huge, thanks to the variance in these types of machines, but that balances out with potentially equally huge losses.

It’s a great tool for beginners that need some practice before moving on to more modern types. Classic slots are still a staple in brick and mortar casinos and help propagate the stereotypical image of old-timers camping out at a machine waiting for the jackpot.

Video Slots

Production value is the name of the game with video slots. The concept implements the showbiz vibe with impressive graphics that make you feel you are at a rock concert or part of an adventure movie.

No mechanical parts are driving the reels; it’s all computer-generated, making it possible for a large number of paylines. The standard video slots possess 5 reels that can get combined with from 10 to 120 different paylines. There are different versions, but about 50 paylines are present on average. The guarantee for fair outcomes is the game’s random numbers generator.

Progressive Slots

Jackpot is the favored word in a player’s vocabulary, and progressive slots give it a new dimension. Unlike the fixed sum associated with a standard jackpot, progressives stay true to their name and continuously grow until the moment one lucky player hits the big score.

The concept works like this when a gambler makes a wager, a certain percentage of that bet gets moved into the jackpot pile, and the process continues with every new bet making the potential payoff even more alluring. Some jackpots don’t only receive local contributions; few gaming providers interlink their progressives offered through different online casinos, making for a more eye-catching sum.

This all looks very promising until you read the fine print. You will find out that gamblers have to play the maximum wager to become eligible for the progressive jackpot. It’s up to the player to decide if the funds should get invested in progressives or other types of slot games.

Megaways Slots

The concepts we looked at were based on a predetermined number of symbols; Megaways slots go into totally different territory. The algorithm used in Megaways generates alternate symbols and a number of paylines on every spin, making it possible to increase the options to win if compared with regular slots. The maximum limit is 117,649 win combinations, and most games incorporate reels with two to eight symbols.

The numerous winning combinations are not the only intriguing features; Megaways offer multipliers, free spins, and bonuses.

3D slots

The interactive gaming industry has always been at the forefront of technology implementation, attempting to move the boundaries of interactivity in gambling. The computer offers better quality graphics, and with the emergence of 3D technology, slot games received slick animation that titillates the senses.

The immersive visual style is the only benefit of 3D slots; the gameplay is standard, but if looking for a more realistic casino experience from the comforts of your home, then investing in a set of 3D goggles can prove advantageous.

The Bottom Line

It’s impossible to cover the entire catalog of slot games. It is updated daily with new titles, yet by learning the different types that facilitate playing, you can more easily satisfy your gaming interest. In the modern ear gamblers predominantly gravitate to the online casino scene because of the convenience and diversity of games, but slots are still a staple of land-based casinos.

The concept of slot machines is evolving, so always be on the lookout for new iterations of the core principles.

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Zorro Wild Ride Slot Machine -  - Wilds, multipliers and progressive jackpots! This slot game can be played with different denominations and various jackpot levels!
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